British Astronaut: The UFO Photographed By The US Army Is Likely To Be An Alien

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It was reported on June 14 that a well-known astronaut who had been on the international space station for more than six months said that the US military had photographed more than 100 unidentified flying objects (UFOs), most likely aliens. The British astronaut named Tim peak believes that UFOs may be evidence of the existence of time travel.

In an interview a few days ago, pike talked about the UFO pictures taken by the US military. He said, "I heard a pilot say that it is possible that some of them have developed time travel technology in the future. Is this something that comes back from the future?"

Although pike did not give a definite answer, he shared some theories he had heard.

"I don't think it was developed by any organization or institution on earth," Pike said "When you see the footage, I think it's quite something. The capabilities of these machines really look extraordinary."

One video shows a small object passing quickly through the pilot's field of vision, while another video shows triangles glowing in the sky.

Despite all kinds of speculation, no U.S. government official has given a specific explanation for these UFOs.

But everyone agrees that the way these objects move is hard to explain.

These mysterious flying objects have been photographed by the US Navy for more than 100 times. Recently, the US Congress held a special hearing on UFOs for the first time in 50 years.

It is reported that US government officials have asked the US military to explain these sightings, but no one knows what they are.

Scott Bray, deputy director of the US Naval Intelligence Agency, said that the US military had not tried to communicate with these aircraft. Bray also stressed that limited data and reports affected the ability to draw firm conclusions about these mysterious objects.

U.S. government officials also pointed out that the stigma of reporting UFOs would increase the threat of these UFOs. "For a long time, the stigma associated with unknown air phenomena has hindered good analysis," said U.S. House representative andrecarson "The pilots either avoided reporting, or were laughed at when reporting. The US military also had doubts and deliberately hid the problem."

It is reported that a revised 2021 report shows that the US government has recorded 144 reports on UFOs from 2004 to around 2021.

These reports do not rule out the possibility of aliens, but they also include explanations of common natural phenomena such as "air clutter, ice crystals and other natural atmospheric phenomena caused by birds and balloons".

The members of Parliament responsible for dealing with these problems formed an intelligence committee and vowed to find the root cause of these UFOs.

"We know that our active service personnel have encountered UFOs. As unidentified air phenomena pose potential risks to flight safety and overall safety, we are committed to focusing on identifying their sources," said ronaldmoultrie, head of the House Intelligence Committee.

The Committee held a public hearing on UFO in May this year, but then held a secret meeting. (Chenchen)

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