China Concept Shares Closed Down Sharply On Monday, With Housing Duoduo Down More Than 29% And Interesting Headlines Down Nearly 20%

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In the early morning of the 14th Beijing time, US stocks fell sharply on Monday, with the Dow down about 880 points and the NASDAQ down 4.7%. The S & P 500 index fell into a bear market and hit a new low since 2022. The panic index surged more than 25 per cent. US bond yields are upside down, showing signs of economic recession. Yamamoto predicts that the risk of US economic recession is 50%. The soaring CPI inflation has strengthened the expectation that the Federal Reserve will maintain its aggressive interest rate hike position for a long time. Many analysts expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 75 basis points this week.

The Dow closed down 876.05 points, or 2.79%, to 30516.74; The NASDAQ fell 530.80 points, or 4.68%, to 10809.23; The S & P 500 index fell 151.23 points, or 3.88%, to 3749.63.

Chinese stocks fell sharply on Monday, and the NASDAQ China Golden Dragon index fell 6.73%.

Bitmining fell by more than 36%, fangduoduo fell by more than 29%, Qu Toutiao fell by nearly 20%, one education fell by more than 19%, Boqi pet fell by more than 17%, the ninth city fell by more than 16%, dingdong shopping for vegetables fell by more than 14%, tal fell by nearly 14%, bitdigital and China online carrier fell by more than 13%, Weilai automobile fell by nearly 12%, Shiku fell by nearly 11%, Alibaba, daily Youxian and tuniu fell by more than 10%, BiliBili fell by 10%, dada group fell by nearly 10%, pinduoduo, Weimei holography, Xiaoniu electric 21vianet fell by more than 9%, jinshanyun and everything Xinsheng fell by nearly 9%, douyu, Huya, tiger securities, Ctrip, iqiyi, Zhihu and litchi fell by more than 8%, gaotu fell by nearly 8%, Baidu, Xiaopeng auto, Ruixing fandan and Leju fell by more than 7%, new oxygen, yunmi technology and Phoenix new media fell by more than 6%, mingchuangyou dropped by nearly 6%, huanju group, vipshop and auto home fell by more than 5%, Netease, JD, Sohu, Kaixin auto, cheetah mobile Krypton fell by more than 4%, Xunlei fell by nearly 4%, fogcore technology, boss direct employment, Yunji, Zhongtong and mushroom Street fell by more than 3%, ideal car, graffiti intelligence and Aurora fell by nearly 3%, and Tencent music fell by more than 2%.

Shuidi company rose by more than 8%, and New Oriental rose by more than 5%.

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