Director Of The Russian Space Agency: There May Be More Advanced Life In The Universe Than The Earth. Human Civilization Is Being Observed

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Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Russian space agency, said he supported the theory that there are thousands of factors in the universe that may contribute to the emergence of life. They may be intelligent life, and they are more advanced than the earth civilization at present Rogozin does not rule out the possibility that earth civilization is the object of alien observation, but human technology and understanding of science are not enough to realize and understand this


Rogozin said in the program of "Russia 24" TV station, "we all know the big bang theory, but perhaps the big bang occurred only in the outer space that we can see, or in the world that we can't see (the explosion), and perhaps there are more such worlds. This shows that there may be countless factors that are conducive to the emergence of this kind of life, including intelligent life. I think I am a supporter of this special understanding."

Rogozin added that he knew the statements of those Soviet meritorious test pilots. They witnessed an inexplicable phenomenon during the first wave of test flights of new aircraft in the 1970s. "After the flight, they drew what they saw on paper with pencils." According to him, American astronauts have had similar experiences.

In addition, he said that Russia is studying events that may appear to be aliens from other worlds, but in 99.9% of cases, they have been proved to be atmospheric or other physical phenomena unrelated to UFOs.

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