EV Concept Ahead Of The Times: BMW E1 Electric Vehicle

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According to slashgear, BMW is one of the most popular luxury car brands in history. This automobile manufacturer is famous for its fashionable designs, which perfectly combine the modern flavor and enough elegance to remind you that these are top-notch vehicles, which are also known as one of the more affordable luxury brands in the market. BMW's cars can meet almost all the potential car demand. If you want to have a fast driving pleasure, it can meet your needs You can buy almost any kind of vehicle from this automaker, but that doesn't mean you can buy every car it produces

An example you can't buy is a BMW Concept Car: BMW E1. As you may know, most large automobile companies make concept cars, which are usually used to test new technologies and final design changes, and may one day appear on production models. However, in some cases, these concept cars will be sold to the public once the company has solved all the details. As far as the BMW E1 is concerned, this small car shows the world that the car manufacturer is truly ahead of the times, even if people can't drive it.

BMW E1 is an EV concept ahead of the times

BMW E1 was an electric vehicle unveiled at the German international auto show in 1991. Although this electric vehicle actually has two names - the first generation is internally called Z11, and later it was called E1 when it was publicly unveiled. This concept car is an all electric city car with three doors and four seats. It has been under development since 1990 and was first launched in 1991. The car manufacturer designed the car to determine whether all electric vehicles are feasible, because California recently required 2% of new cars to be zero emission vehicles. Unfortunately, the original BMW E1 caught fire during charging, so it needs to be replaced so that BMW can continue its research.

In 1993, a substitute for the destroyed car appeared, and it was also exhibited at the international auto show in Germany: BMW z15. This time, however, the company built two prototypes: one is all electric and the other is hybrid. In terms of the heritage of concept cars, BMW did produce an all electric city car I3 in 2013. This model started from the concept car in 2011, but entered the market a few years later.

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