According To The Rising Trend Of Current Prices, The Top Price Of IPhone In 2032 Is $6069

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With the mobile phone manufacturers represented by apple and Samsung laying out the high-end market one after another, it is common for users to purchase flagship models with a price of more than 1000 US dollars According to a recent analysis by mozillion in the online mobile market, if the current price rise trend continues in the next 10 years, the price of the top iPhone may exceed $6000

Although it sounds incredible whether consumers are willing to spend so much money on new smartphones at present, the company has studied the price changes in the past decade and tried to estimate the price of new phones in 2032.

Mozillion came to a conclusion: given iphone The price of iPhone 13 Pro Max has risen from $199 in 2012 (yes, this is the price of iPhone 5 10 years ago) to no less than $1099 in 2022. This means that the price of iPhone has recorded a 452% increase. According to this figure, the final price of a new Apple smartphone may be $6069 by 2032.

Based on the same analysis, the final selling price of Huawei's high-end models may be $3300 within 10 years, while Samsung's devices may eventually become more affordable due to a mere 184% increase.

By 2032, Motorola fans may eventually have to pay more than $3300 for new smartphones, all of which are growing by no more than 233%. This is because the price of Motorola's flagship products has increased from $300 to $1000 in the past decade.

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