How Much Does It Cost To Actually Live In Space?

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According to slashgear, space life is not only the patent of astronauts, but also possible for ordinary citizens, as long as they have enough money in their bank accounts Considering that the price of luggage alone has reached millions of dollars, it is not surprising that the cost of living in space is quite high SpaceX charges $4.57 million to carry up to 1830 pounds of payload. However, if you want to bring all the comforts of your home, the joint launch alliance can bring 41750 pounds of cargo into space for up to $109million.

Of course, civilian astronauts can reduce costs by simply traveling light, but this does not completely make travel cheaper. First of all, Virgin Galactic previously charged us $250000 per person, but this is only the cost of going to the edge of space, not actually living outside these boundaries, not to mention that the price is only limited to the first batch of tickets - the current price is close to US $450000. For those who want to travel in space and actually live there for a long time, it becomes more expensive than that.

NASA does allow ordinary visitors not only to fly into space, but also to spend a few nights on the international space station if they can afford it. According to fox, in 2001, Dennis Tito, the first space tourist to go to the international space station at his own expense, spent 20million dollars on his rocket flight and eight days' stay at the international space station. Many changes have taken place since then, so when NASA announced in 2019 that it would allow tourists to stay on the international space station, the agency revealed that the cost of one night would reach $35000 per person. According to Reuters, this does not include any free breakfast or bar drinks, because it is said that NASA will charge for basic facilities, such as storage, communication and even food.

Of course, this is only the cost of staying at the international space station, and arriving there would mean paying a staggering $50million for the rocket flight itself, as well as all other costs that might accrue during the stay. In addition, only two private trips to the international space station are allowed each year, each lasting only 30 days. That is to say, promising space tourists may plan their travel years in advance, unless they like to bid for an extremely limited number of places.

The moon is perfect for aspiring astronauts, who prefer to live on a real rock surface rather than behind the cold metal walls of the space station. On the other hand, the moon is far less livable than the earth, making its cost of living quite huge. Living in its harsh environment requires a state-of-the-art shelter and transportation of food and water. It also needs to promote oxygen and energy. According to NASA's [calculation] in 2014( ) It would cost $1.3 million to send a pound of stuff to the moon. The price of a "moon taxi" using NASA's own rocket is estimated to cost $2billion.

Renting a 110 cubic meter six person space capsule will cost US $456million a year, while the annual cost of living in NASA's luxurious four person lunar base will greatly increase to US $7.3 billion. The annual expenditure on food may be as high as $5.9 billion, and the annual water bill can reach a staggering $43billion. Overall, according to NASA data, the total cost of living on the moon, including a solid shelter, food, water and 100gb/ month Internet data distribution, will be about $57.8 billion.

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