Netizens' Heated Discussion: Is The Word "Lu" In The Title Of "Meng Hua Lu" Wrong? Experts Give Their Opinions

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In June, the popularity of an ancient costume drama "Meng Hua Lu" aroused the audience's attention to Chinese traditional culture. In the past two days, some viewers asked on the Internet: "is the word" Lu "written incorrectly in the title and poster of" Meng Hua Lu "? It seems that there is one more horizontal. " Some experts and scholars have expressed their views on the audience's question whether this additional horizontal "record" is an innovative expression of artistic calligraphy or a wrong word.

Huanganjing, editor in chief of biting words, accepted Xinmin Evening News The interview said: "because the art of calligraphy itself needs creativity, some characters can be deformed and cannot be easily misjudged. Just like the simplified characters we use now, many of them are variant characters derived from ancient Chinese calligraphy. Of course, variant characters in calligraphy also need to conform to the inheritance in the calligraphy dictionary." At the same time, Huang Anjing also pointed out that the law of the people's Republic of China on the national common language also stipulates that the words used in radio, film and television should be based on the national common language.

From the perspective of calligraphy alone, some netizens said that "running script, cursive script and cursive script actually do not have the so-called absolute wrong words and correct writing methods, unless they are very wrong. Most of the time, they are just a kind of emotion and write it down with a pen at one go, so there is no need to go deep into it." However, Mr. Jiang, who has studied calligraphy for many years, said: "I don't think this word is a variant, but it should be a mistake."

In Mr. Jiang's opinion, all variant characters used in calligraphy should have a source, and the rule of "no source, no pen, no origin" should be stressed. For example, the word "autumn" in calligraphy can be interchanged between Wo and fire; In writing, the word "Tao" can also change from left wood to right wood to upper wood and lower wood, just like the word "peak". "Kongyiji said that there are four ways to write the word 'fennel' in fennel beans, each of which has its source.

But I couldn't find such a way of writing in the calligraphy dictionary. Calligraphy is indeed an art, but it does not mean that one stroke can be added or subtracted at will. For example, the word "end" and "not" are two words, and neither can one stroke be added or subtracted at will. Wrong words are wrong words. We must not use variant words as an excuse. After all, sometimes even the chairman of the calligrapher association will write wrong words. " Mr. Jiang said.

Is the word "Lu" on the title and poster of "Meng Hua Lu" wrong? Netizens raised objections one after another, which also triggered some scrutiny by our reporter. Is it worth it to be so serious about a word of an online play

Not long ago, a primary school student pointed out a punctuation error in Chinese textbooks, which was praised by the Minister of education. Netizens and journalists' sincerity about the word "Lu" is also worth praising. We hope that this time we can have a satisfactory result.

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