HowNet Opened The Service Of Personal Duplicate Checking. Netizen Roast Said That It Would Not Be Opened Until It Was Checked And Graduated

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However, for the 2022 graduates, HowNet's decision seems to come a little late. The annual graduation season is coming to an end, and the thesis defense has already been put on the agenda. Have you checked your thesis before that? Graduation thesis is the last link in the professional education of undergraduate and graduate degree in ordinary secondary professional schools, colleges, universities, self-study examinations of higher education. In order to graduate smoothly, this pass must be passed.

For the vast majority of students, graduation is really a bitter tear. The paper they have worked hard to prepare has been greatly weakened by the completion of all the contents, but the headache is still behind: the paper duplication check, because the duplication check rate directly affects whether you can graduate smoothly.

Most schools require the duplicate check rate to be less than 15%, and some even require it to be less than 10% and 5%.

You know, duplicate checking is very expensive. For a master's thesis, the cost of duplicate checking ranges from more than 100 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. Many domestic universities choose the China HowNet system for graduation thesis duplication checking, but the HowNet thesis duplication checking system account is not open to individuals. Only schools, research institutes and other institutions can apply for opening an account.

It is precisely because the quota of duplicate checking is very tight that the cost of duplicate checking on HowNet is relatively high. It is understood that the cost of duplicate checking on HowNet undergraduate PMLC undergraduate thesis plagiarism detection system is generally about 298 yuan. The cost of duplicate checking on HowNet master doctoral academic misconduct document detection VIP final draft detection system is generally 498 yuan.

For the students who have no income, the cost of repeated checks is still a large amount.

Maybe HowNet realized the difficulties of the students and made a reform.

In the early morning of June 12, China HowNet released the announcement of "providing duplicate checking services to individuals" on its wechat official account, indicating that from now on, China HowNet will directly provide duplicate checking services to individual users.

Individual weight check: 1.5 yuan / thousand words; 3 times of graduate thesis free of charge

According to several relevant announcements published by HowNet, the duplicate checking of papers is never sold to any individual, and only provides duplicate checking services to institutions. HowNet said that in the past, this practice ignored the actual needs of the majority of individual users, such as academic standard self inspection and novelty search, which objectively caused the problem of black market and high price.

Therefore, HowNet has developed a new personal version of duplicate checking service scheme.

First of all, there is the problem of duplicate checking charges for individual users. The pricing of the personal version duplicate checking service is 1.5 yuan / thousand words, which is not higher than the price of mainstream similar products in the market.

Secondly, for Graduate Dissertations, HowNet will continue to provide graduate students with free duplicate checking services through graduate education management institutions (graduate schools), and the number of free dissertations per capita will be increased from 1.5 to 3. At the same time, it is planned to provide the internal institutions designated by the university with the service mode of unlimited number of times per year, as the regular channel in the University, to provide the graduate students with the duplicate checking service of their dissertations.

What is the difference between the personal version and the institutional version? HowNet also answered, "the repetition rate detection functions and results of the personal version and the institutional version are the same. In addition, the institutional version also provides service functions such as batch detection and process management."

At the same time, the security of personal uploading papers is one of the important issues concerned by users. Therefore, HowNet has also taken some measures in this regard, strictly abide by relevant legal provisions and user agreements, and ensure the security of user information and paper content from both technical and management mechanisms.

The duplicate checking of papers uploaded by individual users shall be operated independently by the user, and the personal information and contents of papers shall be visible only to the user; The papers submitted by individuals for examination are only saved on the server dedicated for duplicate checking, and will be automatically deleted and unrecoverable after 30 days.

However, it seems that netizens do not buy the copy checking service provided by HowNet to individual users this time.

The most common complaint from roast is, "we have all graduated, and you will only open up after the double check. Where is your sincerity?" Another person said, "in addition to duplicate checking, the monopoly of HowNet and the intellectual property rights of the author of the paper are the big problems."

In the past two months, HowNet has been on the cusp of the storm. First, the Chinese Academy of Sciences stopped using HowNet for tens of millions of renewal fees, and then it was investigated by the State Administration of market supervision for suspected monopolistic behavior.

In the face of the investigation by the State Administration of market supervision, HowNet said that it "firmly supports and fully cooperates, and takes this opportunity to deeply introspect, conduct comprehensive self-examination, make thorough rectification, operate in accordance with the law, innovate the development model, and provide better services for the majority of authors and readers."

This time, HowNet opened the duplicate checking service to individual users, and finally took the first step of change.

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