HTC Will Launch Viverse Metauniverse Smartphone On June 28

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HTC HTC has not released its mobile phone for some time, or even its flagship product for a longer time. This situation may change, because the company will hold a press conference on June 28, and we can finally see a new HTC mobile phone. According to recent rumors, HTC's upcoming smart phones will focus on VR and AR, and will be deeply integrated with HTC's own open source meta universe data platform (called viveverse).


Viverse was supposed to be launched in April, but it was blocked by supply chain problems.

There is not much information about the upcoming HTC device except that it will be integrated with vive flow VR head display and may have the support of augmented reality applications.

It is reported that HTC has cooperated with Taiwan's big brother, Chunghwa Telecom and Yuanchuan Telecom to provide this kind of smart phone used with head mounted display in its product portfolio.

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