Huawei's New Generation "small Square Watch" Watch Fit2 Real Machine Exposure: The Screen Is Bigger

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The watch fit series with square dial is unique among Huawei smart watches with round dial. According to the blogger @ factory director Guan, the new generation of Huawei watch fit2 will be released together with nova10 series at the end of this month* From the exposed real photos, the appearance of the new fit2 is wider than that of the first representative disk *. It is reported that this time the function is more comprehensive, equipped with clover function and call answering function.


The screen adopts 1.74 inch amoled, with a resolution of 336x480 pixels, accounting for 70% of the screen The endurance is about 10-12 days

The first generation Huawei watch fit was released on december23,2020. It is equipped with a 1.64 inch square screen and covers 2.5D curved glass. The resolution is 280x456326ppi, accounting for 70% of the screen.

In terms of functions, it has built-in fitness system, 12 animation fitness courses and 44 standard action demonstrations. Equipped with 96 exercise modes, 11 common professional modes and 85 user-defined modes, it supports the monitoring of heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Referring to the 999 yuan price of the first generation, it is expected that the price of Huawei watch fit2 will still be around 1000 yuan

According to the previous news, Huawei nova10 series will be officially released at the end of this month. It mainly focuses on self shooting and video images, and still only supports 4G networks.

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