Zhouhongyi: Data Blackmail Becomes A Prominent Security Threat If You Want To Live Broadcast And Bring Goods Without Losing Face

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360 company receives and handles more than 4000 extortion attacks every year. The affected enterprises are faced with serious consequences of theft and leakage of important data assets, ranging from business stoppage to forced payment of huge ransom. On the Yabuli forum, zhouhongyi, founder of 360 group, mentioned live broadcasting with goods, "I recently wanted to do live broadcasting with goods, but I tried it yesterday and found it couldn't work. I'm too idealistic to lose face.

I think it really needs a special talent to do live broadcast with goods. Don't look down on how good it is for the anchor with goods to blow his own things for two hours. He keeps talking. I really can't do that. If I bring goods, I am ready to sell ideas and ideas. " Zhouhongyi said that he hoped to promote the importance of digital security.

Under the background that digitalization has become a national strategy, industrial digitalization will become the main melody of digitalization and reshape traditional industries. In the future, all industries are worth reshaping with digital technology. This also provides great opportunities for many technology companies and traditional enterprises.

While bringing new opportunities and scenarios, digitalization may also make the security environment more "fragile". The current network attack threat has surpassed the traditional security threat. According to Zhou Hongyi, "the biggest threat in the era of digital civilization is no longer the past petty thieves and hackers, but more professional and organized network threats, including apt organizations, extortion attacks, DDoS attacks, website attacks, supply chain attacks, network fraud, etc." However, zhouhongyi said that there are still many people's understanding of security still stays in the era of computer security and network security, thinking that security is to kill viruses and Trojans, and use traditional means such as firewall isolation. In fact, with the challenges brought about by emerging digital technologies and complex digital scenes, simple security is upgraded to complex security, and the network security industry should also be redefined. Only by upgrading computer security and network security to digital security can we keep up with the country's industrial digital development requirements and ensure that people enter the era of digital civilization.

Zhou Hongyi said that digitalization has three characteristics: everything can be programmed, everything should be interconnected, and big data drives business. The essence of digitalization is that software redefines the world. "Everything can be programmed" means that everything can be digitized, and all software will have vulnerabilities, which also means that "vulnerabilities are everywhere". If there are vulnerabilities, they can be exploited and attacked by hackers. "All things should be interconnected" means that the boundary is fuzzy and the virtual and real world can be opened up. In the past, network attacks that were only in the virtual world will turn into damage to the physical world, leading to plant shutdown, large-scale power outage and social shutdown. "Big data driven business" means that all businesses are data driven. Data security directly affects business security. Once data is attacked, it means that the business stops. In the future, software will define the world, the whole world will be built on software, and the vulnerability of the whole world will be unprecedented. Therefore, security has become the "base" of the digital civilization era.

The emergence of a large number of new digital technologies and applications has also spawned a series of new scenarios, such as the Internet of vehicles, key infrastructure, industrial Internet, energy Internet, digital government, smart city, and extended a series of new security challenges, such as big data security, cloud security, supply chain security, Internet of things security, new terminal security, blockchain security, which has also led to the upgrading of simple security issues to complex security issues. Taking big data security as an example, data extortion has become a prominent security threat. 360 company has received and handled more than 4000 extortion attacks every year. The affected enterprises are faced with serious consequences of theft and leakage of important data assets, ranging from business stoppage to forced payment of huge ransom.

At present, everything on the network can be attacked. Zhouhongyi said, "in fact, there are a lot of vulnerabilities in Tesla's smart connected cars and car factories. As long as there are vulnerabilities, they will be exploited by hackers to launch attacks. Therefore, if the digital security problem of the Internet of cars can not be solved in the future, even if you drive new energy vehicles and smart connected cars, you can't guarantee where the car will go." Zhou Hongyi believes that in the face of new challenges to digital security, traditional network security should be upgraded. However, at present, there are still many government and enterprise units' security thinking still stays on the traditional cognition. For example, in the guiding ideology, network security is regarded as a vassal, with insufficient investment and no top-level design; Take selling thinking as the leading factor, pay attention to products and ignore operation; Technically, the products are conservative, and the safety risks cannot be seen.

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