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I don't know if the bad friends still have any impression. Tony wrote an introduction about what looks like in the apple Park, the headquarters of apple. This park is indeed the ceiling of the headquarters of technology companies. However, it's a pity that Tony hasn't had the opportunity to go to San Jose, California, in his lifetime to have a physical exploration, so he can only "share" with you.

Especially since the outbreak of the disease, after Apple's press conference was fully turned online, outsiders have a rare opportunity to visit Apple's headquarters. However, this year's WWDC 2022 Apple has opened the channel for offline activities. By drawing lots, they selected a group of "called children" from developers all over the world and invited them to work in Apple park.

Tony is not so ouao, but we have a bad friend named Nate, who is lucky to be selected by apple. He flew to San Jose this week and spent a few full days. He also sent Tony a shared photo album and showed what he saw and heard in the apple park.

Oh, I'm so sad... Nate is quite willing to share this experience with other bad friends. After getting his consent, Tony sorted out the interesting things he met in the apple park these two days.

Simply put, as long as you have registered with apple developers or swift student programs, you can sign up for this "one day experience" activity of apple. But the winning rate needs to be full of European spirit. Nate thought this thing was easy to smoke. When he went to the event site to communicate with other developers, he learned that others were all more than 20 people from the company's Department, and only then did he win a quota. However, the people who came to the scene were basically developers from all over the world.

The activity is divided into two days: the 5th and the 6th. The invitees can report on the first day and visit the new developer center in the park.

On the 6th of the next day, WWDC's opening speech "live broadcast" and developers' exchange activities were held.

Unfortunately, the visit to the princess building hosted by the apple Park ring was not included in the agenda... However, the developer center announced by apple for the first time can be said to show a lot of interesting things. The new developer center is located to the south of the visitor center in Apple park. ▼

The model of Apple's new developer center is a bit like a genius in the apple store, but the objects of communication between the two sides have changed from ordinary customers and apple experts to developers, designers and apple experts. Simply put, this is "super genius". ▼

During the two days of Nate's visit, Apple also made a lot of arrangements in this room. For example, there are several computer rooms like the mechanical and electrical rooms in high school, which contain the latest imac On the whiteboard was written code that Tony could not understand.

It seems that this may be a public classroom for developers to learn new models and algorithms in the future. In another room, Apple also showed the design process of an app and hand painted the QR code downloaded from the app on the whiteboard.

In addition, the hardware design process of MagSafe charger has also been developed and demonstrated to a certain extent. This is the first time Tony has seen Apple official share the engineering drawing.

Apple also hid small colored eggs in some parts of the room. For example, the office equipment in the corner is the 20th anniversary Macintosh computer released by apple in 1997. It also comes with Bose's co branded stereo. Have you seen it... ▼

What's more interesting is that the rooms in the developer center are named after the previous MacOS versions, and the labels of each room are also equipped with Braille.

Although these photos are a bit of a pose, they can also give a glimpse of what these rooms will be used for in the future.

As for the most technologically advanced room in the developer center, it should be this small theater called Big Sur. The equipment inside is a small jobs theater.

The Big Sur theater supports 4K live broadcast. A complete set of rebroadcasting equipment is set up in the background, with built-in hdr+ and space audio and other audition equipment. The brightness of the screen can reach 1000 nit at most.

It must be great to show off movies with this... ▼

Tony is not surprised by Apple's strong ability to produce and sell its own products. He doesn't know if there is any rental service for such a high-standard venue? The developer center will be opened to the public in succession, which is a good window for apple to absorb developer suggestions.

It is unclear whether this model will be extended to Apple stores in the future. From the developer center, Nate went to the famous and must play sand table in the visitor center.

Tony has introduced this gadget before. It shows the architectural style, ventilation and air conditioning system and other technological elements of Apple Park Park on [ipad] in the way of AR( https://apple.pvxt.net/c/1251234/435400/7639?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.apple.com%2Fcn%2Fipad%2F ) Yes, it's quite cool.

Unfortunately, this big sand table is the only one in the world. If you want to play, you can only go to the scene to queue up for experience. In addition to the places mentioned above, other places in the apple park are not open to visitors, and the circular main building of apple is also inaccessible, so you can only walk around outside. If you run around, you will be kindly advised to leave by Apple staff. ▼

However, in the opening speech the next day, apple opened the restaurant part of the main building of Apple Park, which can indeed accommodate thousands of people at the same time.

When Nate thought that Apple would return to the offline live broadcast and go to the jobs theater, he didn't expect that Apple would set up a stage directly on the central lawn.

Hundreds of people in the audience watched the video live with fruit fans around the world under the great sun in California. This experience is also quite unique. Fortunately, cook and Craig, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, came out to say hello to everyone before the live broadcast.

Tony felt that the opening speech under the sun was not only about the screen quality of apple, but also the sun resistance of fruit powder. The site even prepared reclining chairs ▼

After the opening speech, in the afternoon, there will be developer exchanges and visits to the gym in the park, Caff è Macs coffee bar and apple hill. Interestingly, Caff è Macs' self-service coffee can select the amount of coffee on the tablet, and then the coffee will flow out of the tap

Apple also provided unlimited free desserts and snacks at the event site. You can eat them whenever you are hungry.

However, according to Nate, the green vegetable juice is hard to drink. I don't want to try it any more. I suggest that people who come here in the future don't step on the pit

In general, Apple's activities for developers are more relaxed than the media.

Of course, like chips, they still keep them hidden. WWDC may not be regarded as "Apple Summer Conference" or "software conference". It is more like a reception for developers and programmers. After all, for a good ecology, developers are the indispensable guarantee and cornerstone. Only by creating a good working environment and atmosphere for them, the ecology itself will become more and more healthy.

In fact, the main content of Apple's annual WWDC is not the opening speech itself. The highlight will be the developer exchange meetings in the next few days.

Whether it is swiftui with new functions or a new design shortcut, it greatly reduces the burden on developers.

If these tools that serve the developers themselves are not easy to use or can not be used well, the software developed will not be very smooth. Tony envied Nate's experience and thanked him for his generous sharing. He said that he didn't expect to be selected by apple. All the participants were MIT bosses

In a few years or so, he may become an excellent Apple Developer.

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