To Ensure The Quality Of The Game, "home 3" Will Be Postponed To The First Half Of Next Year

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The publisher gearbox said on the official tweet today that in order to ensure the quality of the game, the release of RTS new work "homeland 3" was postponed to the first half of 2023. Gearbox said in a tweet that because we recognize the importance of home series among players, launching home 3 with high quality will be the first task at present.


The enthusiasm of the players for the game has provided us with motivation. The extra time will help us better develop the game to realize our commitment to the players. We will bring the latest news of the game to the players at the clone exhibition.

Home 3 will follow home 2. In addition to the campaign, the new multi player cooperation mode will bring you a richer game experience. Integrating the home real-time strategic system with the roguelike structure, one or two commanders will participate in a series of random fleet combat challenges. Command your fleet on the battlefield and win rich rewards after victory. Based on your performance, you will unlock powerful capabilities that can play an important role in future battles.

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