Intel Announces Details Of 14th Generation Meteor Lake Core Processor: 4nm EUV Process

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Amd has previewed the CPU roadmap to Zen 5, while Intel has announced the related information of the 13th generation core Raptor lake and the 14th generation core meteor lake. Recently, at the 2022 IEEE VLSI seminar, Intel confirmed that the mobile version of the meteor lake and the desktop processor will adopt the Intel 4 process. The Intel 4 is the previous 7Nm of Intel. However, after Intel changes the process script and is unified with Samsung TSMC, it is actually a 4nm EUV.


CB said that compared with Intel 7 (12th generation core), the frequency of Intel 4 under the same power consumption can be 20% higher. According to the index data released by Intel, some size parameters have even been reduced by more than half.

Also shown are the kernel photos of meteor lake-p. six performance cores and eight energy efficiency cores can be seen. In addition to x86 computing cores, meteor lake-p also encapsulates GPU core display, i/o die and other units**

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