Intel Arc Desktop Graphics Card PC, The World's First PC, Disappeared In The Twinkling Of An Eye

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The desktop version of Intel arc flash graphics card is finally getting closer. MSI launched a 12th generation core desktop host equipped with an arc A380 entry-level model, but it was soon removed from the shelf. MSI confirmed in the specification sheet that arc A380 graphics card is equipped with 6GB video memory. It is confirmed that the bit width is 96 bit . It is estimated that there are only 8 cores, but there is no further frequency information.


Interestingly, MSI also marked the words "oc", indicating that it is an overclocking version, but there is no brand information. It should be MSI's own.

In terms of performance, the frame rates of the four games are given. Under the medium and low image quality of1080p, the frame rates of "forever rob forever" are about 85fps, the frame rates of "Jedi survive" are about 94fps, the frame rates of "watch pioneer" are about 100fps, and the frame rates of "League of heroes" are about 200fps

However, MSI didn't give the price and delivery time, and it soon disappeared from the shelves.

According to Intel's previous statement, the first batch of arc desktop graphics cards were monopolized by the Chinese market, and only the OEM market.

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