Ipados 16 Getting Started: Application Details Optimize Android Tablet Experience Again

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Last week, Apple launched the ipados 16 operating system, the system supports all iPad pro, iPad air models of the third generation and later, iPad fifth generation and later, and ipad Mini fifth generation and later After experiencing the ipados 16, XDA, the technology media, today issued a document saying that Samsung has just narrowed the gap between Android and ipados, but Apple's latest ipados 16 has widened the gap


XDA said that Android is not well optimized for large screens such as tablets, and applications in the Android ecosystem are not specifically designed for wide screens, which leads to a poor experience on Android tablets.

Twitter on ipados 16

Twitter on Android Tablet

Take twitter, a social platform, for example. If you open twitter on the iPad, you will see that twitter on the iPad has a multi column content layout, which is clear at a glance. On the Android Tablet, a tweet fills the entire screen.

XDA pointed out that Android Tablet is not highly valued. If Android Tablet applications are not well optimized, the development of the tablet will be hindered.

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