IPhone 14 Pro Golden Rendering Exposure "exclamation Point" Screen Design Is The Most Recognizable

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Today, designer @darvik Patel shared the concept rendering of the golden version of iPhone 14 pro. As shown in the figure, the front of the iPhone 14 Pro is the same as that exposed before. It cancels the banged screen design and adopts the single hole + pill shaped "exclamation point" screen design, which can be called "the most recognizable iPhone in Apple's history"**


On the side, the iPhone 14 Pro is still designed with a right angle frame, and the back is almost the same as the iPhone 13 pro. it is raised by a huge square to accommodate three cameras, LED flash, earpiece and lidar scanner**

In other words, the iPhone 14 Pro is almost the same as the current iPhone 13 Pro except that the front screen bangs become "exclamation points". The affordable versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max still retain the small bangs design, which may be similar to the current iPhone 13 as a whole.

In terms of configuration, famous Apple Analyst guomingpei said that only the two models of iPhone 14 Pro Series are equipped with Apple's newly developed a16 processor this year, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are still equipped with last year's A15 processor.

The new product will be officially launched this autumn.

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