Iqiyi Denies The Definition Of "double Label": The Copyright Owner's Digital Copyright Protection Scheme Cannot Be Adapted

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Recently, a netizen in Sichuan broke the news: when watching magic house on Android mobile phone, the highest definition only supports 720p. The party concerned said that at first he thought he didn't open a member, but after opening a member, he found that only 720p was supported. However, the film supports 1080p on apple's mobile phone. After testing, iqiyi's magic house supports 1080p on both Apple's mobile phone and computer clients, Only Android phones do not support it.


Today, iqiyi responded to the first financial reporter that: there is no double label, iqiyi has always been committed to providing high-quality audio-visual services for all users. The reason for this is that the digital copyright protection scheme adopted by the copyright owner of the film makes some Android models unable to adapt to 1080p definition.

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