Iqiyi Is Accused Of Double Standards: Apple Users Can Watch 1080p Android For The Same Money

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The highest image quality of the same video on the same website is different when viewed on different devices. Recently, according to the report of Gongfu finance and economics, a netizen in Sichuan broke the news: watching "magic all over the house" on iqiyi with Android mobile phone, the highest definition only supports 720p, but it can play 1080p video with apple mobile phone**


The party concerned said that at first he thought it was because he didn't open a member. After opening a member, he found that he only supported 720p, but in Apple There is no such problem when using mobile client and playing web pages.

So she responded to iqiyi's customer service, and the other party also made it clear that the highest score of the film on Android phones was only 720p.

The netizen said he was very angry " why should we treat it differently? Why doesn't Android deserve to see the 1080p version of this movie? Android users should be inferior ."

In order to ensure the authenticity of the incident, the media used Android phones and apple phones to conduct on-site tests. The final results were indeed the same, which was also surprising. After all, they all spent the same membership fees, but they were treated differently. It was really hard.

At the same time, iqiyi customer service responded that it would give feedback to a specially assigned person on this matter.

Comments from netizens: I've only heard about big data dating before. For example, the charge for using apple mobile phone when taking a taxi is a little more expensive, I didn't expect that watching a movie would make a difference . I really don't know what iqiyi thinks.

Iqiyi officials have not responded to this matter for the time being.

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