It Is Said That BOE Arbitrarily Modified The Design Of IPhone OLED And Cancelled The Order: Official Response

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It was rumored that BOE might be asked by apple to stop supplying because it changed the panel design of iphone13. Today, BOE responded to investors on the interactive platform that company would not comment on media reports based on market rumors** BOE has always been committed to customer first and quality first, and has always maintained close cooperation with customers all over the world.

Jingdong's main venue on June 18, 2022 - pre order on the evening of May 23

BOE also said that at present, the company's annual goal in the OLED field has not changed, and the development of relevant businesses has been promoted in an orderly manner**

Earlier, the elec, a foreign media, reported that BOE was in its iPhone The circuit width of thin film transistor (TFT) was changed on 13 and was [Apple] in February 2022( ) Found that Apple asked to stop production**

The latest report of the elec said that although BOE appointed executives to communicate and explain to apple and tried to win the order of iPhone 14, it has not been determined yet.

*However, judging from the screen order of iPhone 14, BOE may have been basically out *, and apple is even considering transferring the originally planned order of 30 million OLEDs (iPhone 12 / 13 / 14) this year to Samsung and LG.

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