It Is Said That Lady Gaga Will Play The Clown In Clown 2

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It is reported that Lady Gaga is conducting secret consultations with Warner on clown 2, and no matter has been determined. But as a lady, her only choice is to play opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the film, playing a little ugly girl. At present, the singer has only been nominated for the Best Actress Oscar (the birth of a star, 2019), without any substantial gains.

Even the highly acclaimed Gucci family failed to impress the judges of the film academy. The film only won a nomination for the best makeup and hairstyle design, not to mention the performance award.

"The clown" won 11 Oscar nominations in one fell swoop, and Hua Jin won the best actor in 2020. Lei Di, who is eager to become famous, cannot be indifferent to this.

Although director Todd Phillips showed the script of "clown 2" on social media and the photos of Hua Jin studying the script with his hands, the source said that Warner has not yet finalized the performance contract with Hua Jin, and the two sides are still bargaining.

The script of clown 2 is called "joker: folie à Deux" -- since there are two couplets, the clown must appear. This kind of shared mental disorder requires close relationship between patients, or the two belong to the relationship of domination and submission, which is simply tailored for the clown and the clown.

What about Margot Robbie? She has been a clown for a long time, and her reputation is good.

One explanation is that the little ugly girl in clown 2 belongs to another DC Universe, and the film is also a musical, which is opposite to the old line of emperor Lei.

Considering that the director of the clown and the clown 2 once served as the producer of the birth of a star, he is very familiar with musicals. Leidi Gaga can sing and dance. Maybe the clown is the C star of the clown 2, and the prince of crime will step down this time.

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