Jia Yueting Has Been Enforced For Over 2.5 Billion Yuan In Four Months, With An Average Of Once A Month

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Jia Yueting, the boss of Jia in the United States, is still running for mass production of Faraday ff91. However, he is heavily indebted in China and has been forced to enforce his property for many times, hurting many creditors. It was reported on May 31 that according to the enterprise check app, Jia Yueting recently added a piece of information about the person to be enforced, and the subject matter of enforcement was about 1681300 yuan, related cases involved financial loan contract disputes, and the enforcement court was the Shenzhen intermediate people's Court of Guangdong Province.


The enterprise investigation information also shows that Jia Yueting has been listed as a person subject to enforcement for four times since he was first enforced for more than 1.5 billion yuan on February 23 this year, with a total amount of more than 2.578 billion yuan. On a monthly basis, Jia Yueting was executed once a month, an average of more than 600million yuan each time.

In addition, the process of promoting mass production of ff91 in the United States has not been successful. Although Faraday has been listed in U.S. stocks, its share price has halved. In the first quarter of this year, its operating loss was about $149million. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated a loss of about $3billion**

According to other data, as of march31,2022, the reservation volume of FF 91 is only 401, which is far from the expectation of boss Jia. It seems that boss Jia, who is choked by his dream, may continue to be choked by his debt repayment.

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