Jurassic World 3 Broke 200million At The Mainland Box Office Just Two Days After Its Release. The Villain Is Like Apple CEO Cook

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According to the data of Lighthouse professional edition, ** on the second day after the release of Jurassic world 3: rule, the box office in mainland China has exceeded 200million yuan, and the cumulative number of film viewers has exceeded 5.4 million. Jurassic world 3 is directed by Colin trevoro, the director of Jurassic world. Chris parrat and brycedallas Howard continue to play. This film is the final chapter of the Jurassic world series, and the trilogy series will usher in an epic ending.


Interestingly, some netizens said after watching the film that Lewis Dodgson, CEO of biosyn, the villain in the film, is like Apple CEO cook, not only in appearance and style, but also in action.

In addition, the biosyn base is also very similar to the apple Park of the apple headquarters, which adopts a circular design with patches of greening.

It is understood that the story of Jurassic world 3 takes place four years after the complete destruction of nubula island. Dinosaurs are now living together with humans all over the world, and are also hunting for food. this delicate balance will reshape the future, and will determine whether humans can survive together with the most terrible creatures in history from now on, while still maintaining the status of the top predator on the earth.

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