Tachyum's Prodigy Assessment Suite Begins Accepting Bookings

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If you want to use a word to describe tachyum's prodigy processor , then it must be "insanity". This processor was first unveiled in 2018, and now it is a step forward from the launch: the company has listed some prodigy SKUs, and they have begun to accept reservations for evaluation kits.

Tachyum Prodigy ® (child prodigy) is an innovative multifunctional general-purpose processor, which means that they can perform CPU, GPU and TPU tasks on the same chip, saving costs and providing real high performance compared with competitive products. It can be used for Business Computing, artificial intelligence, supercomputing simulation and other different workloads in the data center.

This "child prodigy" has the following outstanding performance:

● 128 high-performance unified 64 bit cores running at a maximum frequency of 5.7 GHz

● 16 ddr5 memory controllers

● 64 PCIe 5.0 channels

● multi processor supports 4-socket and 2-socket platforms

● rack solutions for air and liquid cooled data centers

● the integer performance of specrate 2017 is about 4 times that of Intel 8380 and about 3 times that of AMD 7763hpc

● double precision floating point performance is 3 times that of NVIDIA H100

● AI fp8 performance is 6 times that of NVIDIA H100

● only one third of the selling price of Xeon per MIPS (million instructions per second)

● the total annual establishment cost of the data center is reduced by 4 times

● on the premise of better performance than Xeon, the power consumption is only one tenth of that of Xeon.

Tachyum released the initial specification of Prodigy Series, which will start with 180W TDP's low-power t8232-lp 32 core CPU, while the flagship t16128-aix has 128 cores. The dominant frequency of all 128 cores on the flagship CPU is 5.7 GHz. AI customers will get up to 16 memory channels and support ddr5-7200 up to 32 TB (64 DIMMs). The processor will also support 64 PCIe Gen 5.0 channels in a 950W TDP package.

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