Lenovo Invests In Sensel, A High-yield And Low-cost Touch Panel Technology Startup

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Sensel's journey was very interesting. A few years ago, this company came into our sight because of its morph device, which is a colorful smart hardware that uses different silicone skins to convert the touch pad into various input devices. However, in the end, this startup learned the same lesson as countless previous companies. It is very difficult to make a successful consumer hardware.

Eventually, the company turned to selling its basic technology to OEMs. It has been proved that morph is a very good proof of concept for its underlying multi touch and tactile touch pad. Facts have also proved that some notebook computer manufacturers are very willing to authorize the use of this technology.

Today, sensel announced that it had obtained a round B financing of US $18.8 million, led by global Lighting Technologies Inc. after the round a financing of US $28million, bringing the fund of the Bay Area company to US $57million since its establishment in 2013. It is worth noting that Lenovo also participated in this round of financing. The company has been one of sensel's largest hardware partners to date.

Harsha Rao, the company's chief product and strategy officer, said in a press release: "Sensel's goal of a high volume but low-cost tactile touchpad will be achieved together with our strategic module partner GLT. For any cutting-edge technology, rapidly expanding production scale is the key. This partnership is crucial for the next phase of sensel, as it brings complex automation, scale and manufacturability to our innovative solutions."

The company said the funds would be used to further expand its technology scale and research and development of future products.

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