Lightning Strike On NASA Launch Site: 3000A Current Nearly Destroyed Tens Of Billions Of Moon Landing Rockets

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In order to return to the moon and even land on Mars, the United States is developing a number of propulsion systems. In addition to NASA, SpaceX, blue origin, Boeing, Loma, etc. are all involved. As the replacement of Saturn V, the SLS heavy fire +orion rocket ship combination is highly expected. however, NASA recently disclosed that in April this year, NASA Kennedy Space Center suffered lightning, that is, lightning**


It is reported that the working area of the launch pad has experienced four cumulative encounters, and the assembled SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft combination stood near the launch tower.

Fortunately, because there are several sets of lightning protection systems nearby and ground protection devices, the instantaneous 3000A current did not destroy this valuable asset . For reference, industrial cables usually carry 500~1100a current.

It is understood that the cost of the SLS assembly of Yifa is as high as US $4.1 billion (about 27.4 billion yuan). If something happens, it will be a big loss.

NASA said that the last time such a large-scale lightning strike was recorded was in 2011. At that time, because it happened at night, the picture was even more frightening.

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