LuoYongHao Announced That He Would Quit All Social Platforms And Would Start A Business Again

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In the early morning of June 13, Luo Yonghao officially announced that he "left" the management of making friends, and at the same time, he quit social platforms such as Weibo and "went to start a business again" According to a friend, in principle, he will not be interviewed by the media in the next few years. Luo Yonghao hopes to eliminate external interference through this move and "concentrate on the research and development of the next generation of intelligent platform products". At the same time, Luo Yonghao's new microblog "product manager Luo Yonghao" is limited to business-related communication and rumor refutation.


It is understood that the entrepreneurial direction Luo Yonghao will focus on belongs to the AR field. Luo Yonghao says that AR is the next generation computing platform and wants to make a [iphone] like 2007 in the AR era( ) + things like IOS will become the next platform similar to Apple The same company. He said that he was sure to win at the product level, but it was not enough to rely on good products for such a platform level war. Therefore, he was also prepared to be acquired by large companies. If he could not, he would become the huami ov in the AR era. Luo Yonghao will put everything into the business and make it clear that this is the last opportunity. He believes that he will leave something to the world.

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