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Recently, the whole internal entertainment has been invigorated by Menghua Lu "How can I see two immortals coming down to earth to perform in TV dramas! It's difficult to choose the roles of ancient puppet dramas. We will follow this standard!" On June 2, after the ancient costume drama "Meng Hua Lu" starring Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao was broadcast in Tencent video, many people said that they "dazzled eight episodes at one go".

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Editor raoxiafai

As Liu Yifei's first play to be broadcast as an adult, it naturally attracted many people to watch it. Many viewers said that they were addicted to the beauty of "immortals" (Liu Yifei). Even many people in the film and television industry expressed their admiration for Liu Yifei's beauty in their circle of friends. The appropriate adult love drama "Gu Pan Sheng Hui" in the play made many audiences who suffered from "ugly ancient puppets" and "industrial saccharin" express "kswl".

These advantages have also led to the "Tuan Jian" Amway online and offline of fans or audiences. The number of the official special group of Douban's "Meng Hua Lu" has been rising, from 9000 on the evening of June 3 to nearly 60000 on the evening of June 5. After the "kissing show" in the latest week is about to be updated, the number of the special group has continued to break through, reaching 100000. You should know that the legend of Zhen Huan, which has been watched and studied repeatedly by the audience for many years, the Douban special group now has only 230000 people.

The enthusiasm of the audience directly "ignited" the audience of the series. After 15 hours of launching, the official wechat of "Menghua record" announced that the broadcast volume of Tencent video station had exceeded 200million; By the time of publishing, the broadcast volume had reached 1.22 billion. On the second day of its launch, "Meng Hua Lu" topped the lighthouse, cat's eye, detaven and other big data lists.

In addition, "Menghua record" has also become a popular search visitor on microblog and other platforms. There are no less than 10 popular searches about the plot and starring stars every day, and the reading volume of microblog topics menghua record \has exceeded 7billion.

Other social media are also hot. Search station B for the ER Chuang video of "Meng Hua Lu", which is up to 28 pages, and even many small up owners have successfully exceeded one million for the first time, which shows the popularity of the play.

What is as eye-catching as the popularity of the audience is the public praise of the drama. Three days after the broadcast of "Meng Hua Lu", Douban scored 8.3 points, and quickly rose to 8.8 points (currently 8.7 points) in one day. Tencent video has repeatedly changed the front page slogan, and the public praise of new dramas, high public praise of new dramas, and domestic dramas with the highest score of the year have continued to advance.

Source / screenshot of Douban fire Finance

The double explosion of word-of-mouth ratings has not only spread the evaluation of "geese factory s+ ancient puppets finally stand up", but also brought a lot of questions. Many people can't help but put "menghualu" in the whole scoring system of domestic dramas for comparison. This year, there are only five Douban 8-point dramas. Some people are confused: menghualu has 8.8 points. Is it suitable?

In this regard, the up master @ Feiben ah snail of station B said: "although the Douban scoring system plays the role of the only directional indicator in the current market, it does not effectively distinguish the categories of works, and also reduces the value of horizontal comparison“

"The current Douban score reflects the audience's affection and whether they will recommend it when it is broadcast." In the blogger's opinion, serious and profound works such as "the world", "White Deer Plain" and even "Shawshank's redemption" are compared on the Internet, and the ancient costume idol drama "dream of China" is required to have profound connotation and transcendent positioning. Otherwise, it will not be worthy of 8.8 points, which is tantamount to asking the street stall to make a rice forest feast.

It can be seen that scoring is a subjective thing with emotions.

The film and television blogger "Miss Li" also holds a similar view, "in terms of the category of ancient puppets, the dream of China Record" has a CP sense of top-level ancient puppet face + excellent production level + smooth and bright Story + wonderful human design + no forced feeding of industrial sugar when it comes to a natural course. It is particularly outstanding in the environment where domestic dramas lack excellent production for many years. Therefore, Douban's score of 8.8 is more like the audience's praise for the normal and the reaction to the long-term lack of drama. "

However, in the view of more insiders, it is more noteworthy than debating whether the "Menghua record" is worth 7 points or 8 points. It should be whether such works as "Menghua record" can be produced stably and continuously.

After all, the popularity of "Meng Hua Lu" does not mean the rise of the whole costume drama market; The goose factory s+, which has a "continuous attack on the street", cannot completely "turn over" just by virtue of this play.

Why did the dream of China burst

"How could there be such a peerless beauty as Tianxian? She is so beautiful in a sack!" On the day of the broadcast of "Meng Hua Lu", some people couldn't help sending a circle of friends to express their feelings about the beauty of Liu Yifei's "sack" shape in the play.

At the beginning, there were not a few people who came to see the "celestial beings". Producer and screenwriter xiajiuzi said: "if you open the bullet screen to watch the play, you will find that many bullet screens are painting 'I just looked at Liu Yifei's face and forgot what the plot said. I'll go back and watch the plot again'."

Whether it is out of the favor of fans or the feelings of passers-by, it is undeniable that Liu Yifei did play a very big role in guiding the premiere of "Meng Hua Lu". "Galloping snail" also believes that "Liu Yifei is a very important factor in the explosion of" menghualu "

In the view of "galloping snail", the domestic entertainment market has to enter the "nostalgic" consumption era because it can not provide products that meet the needs of consumers, such as the emotional Carnival triggered by "riding the wind and breaking the waves" and Wang Xinling.

"The same is true of Liuyifei. It is far from her last normal TV series, the eagle warrior It has been 16 years. During this period, Liu Yifei's performance in moving to the big screen was poor, but she always maintained a good external image and audience popularity. Therefore, when the 'Fairy sister' in her memory returned, she steadfastly filmed a qualified rice eating ancient puppet for her fans. The 'emotional killing' that broke out from this is naturally different. " Gallop, said the snail.

However, according to the general view in the market, the reason why "Meng Hua Lu" can keep its audience and reputation is that it is an orthodox costume idol drama.

First of all, the general view of ancient puppet dramas in the market is "aestheticism and romance". In addition to the plot, the appearance of men and women is the basic meaning to consider whether an ancient puppet is qualified.

Liu Yifei, who is known as a "celestial being", naturally needs not say much about her appearance. Chen Xiao's face has passed the test of drama. The strong combination of the two handsome men and beautiful women will undoubtedly lead to "Yan dog Carnival". At the same time, the supporting roles in the play, such as sun Sanniang played by Liu Yan and song yinzhang played by Lin Yun, as well as Zhang Haohao, the wife of Huakui, and Gao Hui, the "rival" of Zhao paner, have satisfied the audience with their appearance and role fitness.

Secondly, another key point for ancient puppets to attract the audience is the extremely ambiguous love story between men and women, rather than the industrial saccharin of "looking at each other in circles" or "kissing when falling down".

In the play, Zhao Pan'er and guqianfan (Chenxiao) are two characters who, under the guidance of the plot, meet step by step, misunderstand and each other in times of trouble, and then have a secret love affair, test each other, as well as the kissing preview that causes the audience to turn into a "screaming chicken". They all well explain the feeling and process of adult men and women in love. Many viewers say that they have finally seen a male star have a sense of CP with Liu Yifei, Topic chen Xiao is not afraid of immortality .

In addition, the fitting of the characters is a kind of empowerment for the actors, which makes the audience have a halo effect psychologically.

"In the play, Zhao Pan'er is 24 years old, which is equivalent to an older leftover woman in ancient times. Compared with the ancient women who were weak and depressed in our impression and could not make their own destiny, she is independent and sober, and has her own career ideals and love pursuits. Zhao Pan'er's role is more in line with Liu Yifei's own age experience and psychological state. Meeting Liu Yifei is a good time, place and people, and the two achieve each other." Xia Jiuzi said.

In fact, sun Sanniang's personal design coincides with Liu Yan to some extent. "Her identity as a cook overlaps with my specialty of cooking in my life. Basically, I do a good job of cooking and have a quick action." Liu Yan revealed.

On June 9, menghua recorded that Jiangnan fruit was made by Liu Yan \

Finally, the quality of the play has been greatly improved by the careful shooting of the main creative teams such as actors and directors.

Liu Yan told huocaijing, "when we first saw the script, we thought it was a very good play. When I officially joined the group, I would find that the whole process of acting and shooting was very enjoyable. Although we could not predict the results of the play after it was broadcast, we were not worried about the reputation of the play."

"On the one hand, because all the acting skills are online, we have a very harmonious relationship with each other and try our best to cooperate perfectly."

"On the other hand, the entire creative team has devoted themselves to the creation of the play, and each department has achieved very high standards in terms of costumes, props, art and photography. Our official shooting cycle is four and a half months. In order to better meet the scenario and scenes set in the script, we went to Hengdian, Xiangshan, Wuxi and Xiangyang. At the same time, all the scenes and props have been restored as much as possible. Let me We are personally involved in it, which is why such a good play was born. " Liu Yan explained.

Liu Yan also expressed his admiration for director Yang Yang. "Director Yang Yang is a director with profound skills. I think her capture of many details, the use of lens and the injection of aesthetics have made the audience and our actors suffer a strong visual impact and shock."

In this regard, Liu Yan expressed his admiration for director Yang Yang. "Director Yang Yang is a director with profound skills. I think her capture of many details, the use of lens and the injection of aesthetics have made the audience and our actors suffer a strong visual impact and shock."

"Most of the time, we don't pay attention to our performance effect during shooting, but when we watch the film, we will find that the most natural and delicate performances have been captured by the director and incorporated into the play." Liu Yan revealed.

Xia Jiuzi also believes that the director has made great contributions to shooting and production, "Take the scene where zhaopan'er and guqianfan meet each other across a screen. The room is an ordinary Hengdian scene. The director temporarily added a screen as a key prop. His skillful skills fully embody the obscurity, reserve and joy of men and women. It is quite classical. From the ancient puppet competition, the dream of China" Meet market standards and expectations. The reason why it has been widely praised is that, against the backdrop of similar dramas, the audience has enjoyed a long period of drought and rain, and they are happy to go all the way. "

In the final analysis, "the success of menghualu is the result of a combination of feelings, audience popularity, the quality of the series above the standard, and Amway, which has spared no effort in running water." "Gallop!" concluded the snail.

8.8 points. Is that too much praise

At present, the important reason why "Meng Hua Lu" is widely praised lies in its "normality".

Hulan once mocked himself in the talk show conference, saying that people love you when you grow up, not because girls are curious: "but in this society, as long as you are normal, you are better than 90% of the people."

This sentence is also applicable in today's domestic dramas. A highly praised comment from Douban netizens is, "male Bodhisattva, female Bodhisattva save ancient puppets, female director and female screenwriter save IQ. There are only a thousand words of thanks." It can be seen that under the background of "peers" of various domestic dramas, normal ancient puppets have become the "extravagant expectations" of the audience.

It's not difficult to understand why the audience scored 8.8 points for the record of dreamchina.

But it is precisely because it is only "normal" that this play has triggered a lot of discussion and quarrels on the Internet: the dream of China, is it worthy?

One is to ask the dramatists whether they are "eating female dividends" from the standpoint of "feminism"; The second question is whether the score of 8.8 is overestimated.

In this regard, Xia Jiuzi believes that the reason why many people question the play in these two aspects is mainly because the plot is not perfect.

"The Meng Hua Lu has very obvious traces of shuangwen. For example, Zhao Pan'er and Zhou she went to court, but failed to save the dust. They were almost punished by the stick. In the end, Gu Qianfan came forward and solved the crisis with his father's power. The victory over power does not depend on wisdom and fairness and justice, but on a higher level of power. Think about it carefully, isn't this a tragedy?"

"Of course, you can say from another angle that this is the reality. Assuming that" Meng Hua Lu "is not an inspirational theme for women to strive for self-improvement, but a realistic portrayal of 'someone in the court likes to be an official' and monsters without background will be killed ', then I think it is a wonderful play." Xia Jiuzi concludes.

"Thanks to the painstaking carving and layer upon layer support of the main creative team, the dream China record has covered up the quality of the cool text and become a popular fund for the whole people." Xia Jiuzi thinks.

On the other hand, due to the TVB Hong Kong style characteristics of the screenwriter of the dream of China, such as the lively rhythm, cool points and continuous reversal, the places where the logic is not perfect are treated with comedy, coupled with the detailed cultural elements, which are in line with the lines created by people, and have full commercial value.

With the superposition of various factors, the values and the shaping and connotation of women in the plot of "Meng Hua Lu" do not seem to be as profound as the "feminism" initially announced, nor can it be as penetrating as other Douban 8.5 + dramas.

Now the online debate comes from this. For example, whether the women in the play are "really independent" or "depend on men", and once the follow-up plot development is unreasonable, or there is "pseudo female independence" and other content, it is very easy to "overturn".

In this regard, some cultural and entertainment publicity and distribution staff said that "Meng Hua Lu" was initially publicized from the standpoint of Feminist Drama. Although it can greatly stimulate topic discussion and achieve drainage, it also has certain risks.

However, Meng Hua Lu itself portrays women's independence, friendship and care. In Xia Jiuzi's opinion, the theme expression of "Meng Hua Lu" follows the previous works of the screenwriter's teacher, such as the legend of Lu Zhen and the biography of the lady doctor. The theme is women's self-improvement, which perfectly conforms to the current social trend of thought and the psychology of the audience.

Liu Yan also said, "the three main characters in the play, zhaopan'er, sun Sanniang and song yinzhang, are not only partners, but also girlfriends and relatives. On the one hand, they are neighbors, friends and sisters who have known each other for 10 years. This iron triangle relationship is indestructible."

In Liu Yan's opinion, sun Sanniang and Zhao paner are more like relatives and girlfriends, and their relationship with song yinzhang is more like mother and daughter. "On the other hand, the three sisters went all the way from Qiantang to Tokyo and opened the largest restaurant. What they ultimately want to express is that women must rely on their own strength to win a new turn for themselves and realize their ultimate dream."

"I hope that the follow-up stories of the menghualu will be less stereotyped and more women will help each other in their careers." Audience Xiao Wang said.

A "Meng Hua Lu" cannot save goose factory s+

In the carnival triggered by "Meng Hua Lu", in addition to the discussion of the series, Tencent video, the production and broadcasting platform behind it, also "danced" to the audience again.

"It's not easy. The goose factory's s s+ series has been tossing around for so long and finally produced a fig leaf." Some netizens commented.

Throughout the Douban scores of Tencent video s+ series ancient puppets in the past two years, Sansheng Sanshi pillow has a score of 6.8, Youfei has a score of 5.6, changgexing has a score of 5.8, qiangujue dust has a score of 5.2, Madame Huzhu has a score of 4.8, fierce knife in the snow has a score of 5.8, jingshuangcheng has a score of 3.9, and qiaotianxia has a score of 5.8... Not only are most of the dramas low in public praise, but also the ratings of many dramas have not reached the level of s+ should have.

Therefore, the "explosion" of "menghualu" has made many people "Rejoice" and feel that Tencent video s+ is expected to take advantage of "menghualu" to successfully "stand up" and have expectations for the next new drama.

However, some film and television industry practitioners revealed that the "dream of China" was not originally an s+ scale drama, but now it has been broadcast with s+ volume. "The real s+ is a big IP, a big director and a top-notch actor. It's very expensive to make."

Therefore, "I dare to guess that the near original script of" Meng Hua Lu "will not be full of expectations at the project approval stage unless it has external factors that the platform attaches great importance to."

The reason why the platform s+ has been "attacking" can also be seen from behind the event of "Menghua record".

"Now the whole production mechanism of domestic dramas is far from being truly industrialized, and the degree of industrialization can only determine the lower limit of the product. Domestic platforms are used to using data to guide production, as are Netflix and Amazon abroad. Data only represents the past, and people are alive. There is no original sin in using data to guide production. The difference lies in how to use it." Xia Jiuzi thinks.

Dependence on traffic has existed for a long time, which is a common problem faced by domestic platforms. The profit model of Aiyou tengmang and other long video platforms mainly depends on members and advertising. If you rely on advertising to make money, then the demand of advertisers is the first, and competing for traffic is the focus of major platforms.

"There is a certain conflict between doing what advertisers like (with traffic) and doing what audiences really like. Compared with years of sharpening a sword, it is easier to focus on creating high-quality works, mass production and using traffic creation." Xia Jiuzi said helplessly.

This flow supremacy of thinking, just a "dream of China" can not change the status quo of domestic dramas. The most likely change after the popular series is that the main creators of the series, such as directors, screenwriters and producers, will be sought after by the market. For a considerable period of time, their works will bring their own traffic "endorsement". When starting a new project, whether it is appropriate or not, they will directly fill you with s+ actors.

"However, according to my ten-year experience in the industry, no matter how high the traffic and the best team members are, they can only play a role of drainage within twoorthree days after the series is launched. If the quality is not hard enough, ordinary audiences who are fooled by the halo will give real feedback (negative comments) and cause backfire." Xiajiuzi tells Caijing.

"Unless we truly realize industrialized production, ensure the stability of the content supply of the series, and fully respect the uniqueness of artistic creation, there will be more works that are comparable to and surpass the record of Dream China."

At present, the selection and production mechanism of the long video platform is almost difficult to change, which can not bring real innovation. The final output of the popular video platform can only rely on "taking a chance".

In recent years, the film and television industry has produced hundreds of dramas every year, and there are always some big hits. After the explosion, the platform can tell another round of "new stories".

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