Microsoft's Exclusive Masterpiece "Ark 2" Has Been Launched On The Steam Page: It Is Also Free To Send The Previous Generation

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Xbox & this morning; At the press conference of news agency B, wildcard officially announced the first trailer of the new work ark 2, and announced that the work will be officially sold in 2023 According to the official introduction, "Ark 2" will log on the PC and the console at the same time, but the console will be exclusively owned by Microsoft Xbox At present, the work has been launched on the steam store page (Click to enter) 。


The introduction to the game shows that "Ark 2" will change from the first person perspective of the early generation to the third person perspective, providing more advanced mobile actions for characters. Such as free climbing, parkour, sliding and swinging.

In terms of melee fighting action, the official said that it would provide melee playing methods similar to soul games, including target locking, blocking, dodging, combo, interleaving and special attacks, emphasizing actions based on players' skills.

*This work will be built with the unreal engine 5, * players can see the convincing response of leaves to passing wild animals, the water flow around obstacles, volume storm clouds, local weather systems, smoke and particles affected by physical forces, etc.

At the same time, it will also present an excellent light and shadow effect, show a more realistic day and night cycle, and generate real-time environmental lighting and shadows in the natural and player built environment.

It is also worth mentioning that at present, the ark: survival evolution can be obtained free of charge in steam store

Game screen:

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