Sony Lost The Third-party Exclusive Masterpiece "the Best In The World" And "the Strange Stories Of Goddess 5" Was Poached By Microsoft

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In the early morning of this morning, Microsoft held a game conference and announced more than 36 games. Among them, in addition to the new ones with a large proportion, there are also some old games that some players are already familiar with, but did not expect. Among them, includes Sony's third-party exclusive masterpiece called "No. 1 in the world" by players. The goddess anecdote 5: Royal edition developed by Atlus, which is also known as "p5r" by players**


Goddess anecdote 5 (P5) is a famous jrpg launched by Atlus in 2016. With its unique art style, the trendy sour jazz score and excellent game system are highly sought after by players. It is one of the third-party exclusive "moats" in the Sony PS4 era.

P5r is an upgraded version of P5. On the basis of the original version, the new character fangzexia and the plot of the third academic year are added, and a large number of game systems are optimized**

At this press conference, Microsoft announced that p5r and its previous works p4g and P3P will be published on xbox Published on the host and PC, and both will join the XGP service.

Among them, p5r, which is most concerned by players, has been officially launched on October 21 and supports simplified Chinese**

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