Netizens Love Cats Like Sangirf. Players Shout Kapkon's "Street Fighter 6" To Fight

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Street Fighter 6, the latest classic fighting game series, is currently in hot production. Recently, an interesting anecdote triggered a heated discussion among players, exclaiming that this is a "omen" for sangilfu to enter the war? Let's get to know each other. Sangilfu is a character in the game "Street Fighter" series and the strongest wrestler in Russian history. Some of his early moves come from the mayor Mike Hager in "hit the whirlwind". His red shorts are his symbol, and his powerful must kill skill rotating pile driving is his signature skill.


• the story comes from phafun jantadej, a popular player in Tiktok in Thailand, who showed his love cat on Facebook on June 10. The reason is that the pattern on the buttock egg resembles that of Vincent William Van Gogh, a Dutch painter. But unexpectedly, few people respond to it like Van Gogh. However, some players find it more like a street fighter character, yes, sangilfu.

• the news spread and caused heated discussion. Many players even shouted to kapukong across the air. Sangirfu should join the battle of street fighter 6. At present, kapukong has not clearly announced that sangirfu will join the battle of street fighter 6. I don't know what will he do after hearing this?

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