New Oriental Bilingual Live Broadcast With Goods And Fire Company Shares Soared Nearly 40%, YuMinHong Said

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Recently, the bilingual live broadcast of New Oriental has become popular. In this live room, the anchors will introduce the products sold in both Chinese and English, and express the most commonly used words in life in English, which is very interesting. Affected by this, New Oriental online, the online education website platform of New Oriental company, rose by nearly 40% in intraday volume.


In this case, YuMinHong wrote on his personal wechat official account that he led everyone to form a team of "New Oriental live studio". Specifically to promote new Oriental's high-quality education products and other high-quality education related products, including books, intelligent software and hardware learning equipment, and learning related stationery. He believes that this platform will become a good platform for the sales of educational products**

YuMinHong said that in order to make the platform active, he personally led the team to broadcast live on the platform. Three live broadcasts were conducted from May 30 to June 1, and more than one million new Oriental products were sold.

As of press time, the number of fans in the New Oriental live studio exceeded 2.27 million, the number of likes was more than 18 million, and there were 107 window goods.

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