Strategic Adjustment: Meta Will Make Portal Smart TV Screen More Suitable For Enterprise Customers

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As early as 2018, Facebook launched a video calling device for consumers and corporate customers However, with its failure in the consumer market, the company, now renamed meta, has decided to shift its focus to pure enterprise applications Variety pointed out in a report on Thursday that meta is trying to clear all the outstanding inventory of portal.

Compared with competing products of Google and Amazon, portal has never become a mainstream "intelligent display device".

According to IDC data, meta only sold about 600000 / 800000 portal devices in 2020 / 2021.

The surge in sales is obviously the result of enterprises' need to carry out more telecommuting and video conferencing during the covid pandemic.

Perhaps realizing this, meta decided to re center the portal business from ordinary consumers to the commercial field.

Looking forward to the future, the portal team will focus on creating products more suitable for commercial and enterprise applications. However, during the transformation period, the company will continue to provide support to existing customers.

Currently known portal smart device models include the first generation of 10.1-inch portal, a portal TV that transforms a TV into a smart display, a large portal+, a relatively compact portal mini, and a portal go that locates "wireless video call devices".

For enterprise customers, meta now allows any portal device to be placed in the conference room for operation. In addition to providing support for various third-party communication platforms, you can also get through their schedule reminders.

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