New Products Of Google Pixel Use The Processor 4 Years Ago: The Performance Is 10 Times Slower Than That Of Friends And Merchants. Netizens Roast About Clearing Inventory

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At this week's Google I / O conference, Android 13 beta 2, pixel 6A / 7, pixel watch, pixel tablet, pixel bugs pro and other new products appeared one after another. According to media mining, Google's first smart watch pixel watch is actually equipped with an "old" processor four years ago. Exynos 9110 provided by Samsung has a process of 10nm**

Exyno 9110 was used by Samsung's first generation Galaxy watch as early as 2018. There is no reason to explain. The saying of "high EQ" is that Google developed watches very early, and the saying of "low EQ" is that Google is still helping Samsung clear its inventory.

You know, the galaxy watch 4 released by Samsung at the end of last year is already a blessing of 5nm exynos w920. Compared with exynos 9110, although the processor is only 20% faster, the GPU has been fully improved by 10 times.

In terms of other parameters, the pixel watch battery is only 300mAh.

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