Now You Can Try Out Resident Evil: Village For Free In Your Web Browser

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Google's stadia cloud game service has only achieved very limited success among consumers. In February this year, the company announced that it would close the first-party studio of stadia and adjust the business direction of the platform. However, instead of completely closing stadia (as the company has done for many other applications and services), it added a "white label" version to allow game developers to make their works or demo versions easier to obtain.

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Last week, Sony announced that it would officially introduce biochemical crisis: Village into VR on the upcoming Playstation VR2 platform. Now, we can try the demonstration of this non VR version of the game in the Internet browser. It's completely free and doesn't even require a login. All you have to do is input your age (the game level is m), click the play button, and wait for some time to load the demo.

It uses immersive stream for games, a licensed version of the googlestadia game streaming service. It can be found in windows , MacOS and Android, and safari on IOS. Even other versions of chrome based web browsers may receive unofficial support. For example, the demo is no different from chrome on Microsoft edge.

If you want to play this game through the browser, you must also have a decent network connection. The developer kapukong suggests a download speed of at least 10Mbps. Streaming games consume about 12.6gb of data per hour.

Users can choose to play with mouse and keyboard, various game consoles, and even touch screen buttons on mobile phones. Fortunately, kapukong canceled the 1-hour time limit for previous demonstrations, but players are only restricted to the villages and Castle areas of the game, and do not support saving the game progress. Therefore, if you disconnect, you must start again.

On the one hand, the image quality needs to be improved. The demonstration is limited to 1080p SDR (the low bit rate makes it look worse than it sounds). However, it has enough reaction speed to play. Of course, this is also related to the Internet speed.

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