Previously Unpopular Apple Supplier Wins New MacBook Air Order

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It is reported that Apple has added a third contract manufacturer to its MacBook supply chain, which will mainly handle assembly orders for new MacBook Air It is reported that Wentai technology, headquartered in China, has won the order for the new MAC model just announced by apple. Together with quanta computer and Foxconn, the company has become three companies in the latest supply chain of Apple MacBook.


It is said that Wentai once lost Apple's favor due to the poor quality of the products it produced, and was removed from its iphone The front camera module was removed from the supply chain, but the supplier issued a statement to refute this rumor.

Apple announced the next generation [macbook] on WWDC in 2022( ) The air is equipped with a new M2 chip, a redesigned all-in-one body, a brighter display with bangs, new color choices such as starlight and midnight, MagSafe charging, 1080p camera, and more.

The new MacBook Air will be available next month, but apple did not provide a specific date. In the United States, the pricing will start from $1199, and the previous generation MacBook Air equipped with M1 chip will continue to be sold for $999.

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