Secret Debugging Menu Exposure: Ipados 16 Beta 1 Can Also Enable The Custom Lock Screen Function

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During WWDC 2022, Apple announced a new feature of IOS 16 - allowing users to customize lock screen widgets, add animated wallpapers, and change fonts and colors Although many people regret that the new experience is limited to the iPhone, 9to5mac reports that the ipados 16 also hides a secret debugging menu

(via 9to5Mac

It should be noted that, as the system process responsible for managing the lock screen and home screen on IOS, the relevant experience has not been implemented in springboard.

On the contrary, Apple A new internal application named "posterboard" was created to guide users to the new custom lock screen option.

Like many other IOS tools, it is hidden by default and can only be accessed through specific options (such as long press iphone Lock screen interface on the).

As for ipad OS 16, although Apple has not officially announced the new lock screen interface, it is also hidden in the iPad system and can be accessed through special means.

On Friday, Federico viticci shared a workaround on twitter. It seems that Apple forgot to hide the posterboard from the list of applications that users can access through shortcuts.

Interested friends can create a shortcut to open the posterboard application in ipados 16, and then experience the rich iPad lock screen customization options.

The posterboard application opened with shortcuts will pop up a debugging menu so that Apple designers and engineers can test all the new options on the new lock screen interface.

Unfortunately, the ipados 16 beta 1 does not seem ready to enable the new lock screen experience.

At this stage, only basic functions have been realized, such as integrating the wallpaper background with the clock, and changing the font and color.

As for the most anticipated lock screen widget, the ipados 16 obviously has to wait a little longer.

Of course, we do not rule out that Apple will completely cut off the above lock screen function in the next beta version of the ipados 16.

However, even if Apple finally decides not to formally introduce this feature to the ipados 16, we can still expect that relevant functions will be left to the ipados 17 (similar to the previous home screen widget and app Library).

At present, developers can download and try the ipados 16 beta through the apple developer portal. In addition, the public beta will open next month, and the official version is scheduled to come this autumn.

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