Six Months Later, New Oriental's Oriental Selection Has Overtaken That Of Making Friends?

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Recently, the Oriental selection studio under New Oriental has gained popularity due to the bilingual delivery of the anchor. Many netizens praised this. They can not only watch the live broadcast and buy things, but also learn English for free Since the evening of December 29, 2021, Dongfang has selected and opened its first live broadcast of agricultural products to bring goods for nearly half a year. How popular is the Oriental selection suddenly?

Because YuMinHong is regarded by the outside world as following Luo Yonghao, the Oriental selection, which just started to do live broadcast with goods, is often compared with the results of making a friend. Today, six months later, it is advisable to compare the two to see if the gap is small?

The peak number of online users of Oriental selection is 47200, making less than 10000 friends: witnessing the growth of Oriental selection

In January this year, according to the annual report card released by the live broadcasting room of making friends, its actual paid sales reached 5billion, ranking first in the delivery of Tiktok live broadcasting. In 2021, the actual number of orders for making friends in the live broadcasting room reached 29.32 million, the number of fans in the live broadcasting room reached 21.31 million, and the number of days of broadcasting throughout the year was 325, realizing the stable daily broadcasting of 21.3 million 5 hours, 30 industry awards.

However, compared with the Eastern selection, making a friend seems to have fallen behind today.

At 12:00 this afternoon, Dongfang selection rushed to the eighth place in the list of goods with 30000 people watching online in real time.

While the live studio where you make friends ranked 28th in the list of goods, with 6472 people watching online in real time.

At 2:00 p.m., Dongfang selection dropped to No. 14 in the list of goods, and the number of real-time online viewers also dropped to 10000 +.

The live room for making friends dropped to No. 33 in the list of goods, and the number of real-time online viewers dropped to 3580.

At 6:00 p.m., Dongfang selection fell to No. 30 in the list of goods, and the number of real-time online viewers remained at 10000 +.

The live room for making friends dropped to No. 41 in the list of goods, and the number of real-time online viewers dropped to 2444.

At 8:40 p.m., Oriental selection rose to No. 15 in the list of goods, and the number of real-time online viewers remained at 10000 +.

After the live room of making friends dropped to the top 100 in the list of goods, 3417 people watched online in real time.

According to the official introduction, the ranking of the list of goods carried by Tiktok live broadcasting room is based on the comprehensive calculation of all the anchors of Tiktok and Tiktok volcano edition nationwide, and the popularity of the live broadcasting room according to the sales of small stores and the popularity of the live broadcasting room in the current hour.

According to the statistics of Xinshuo data, as of 6:00 p.m., Dongfang selection had been broadcast for more than 11 hours today, with a total transaction volume (Gmv) of 6.4146 million yuan, a total of 4.8445 million people watching, and an estimated sales volume of 99400 pieces.

At the same time, the peak number of online people was 47200, which appeared at 12:54:49, and the cumulative number of buyers was 414.

However, after more than 12 hours of making friends, the Gmv was 3.7443 million yuan, with a total of 2.2439 million views and an estimated sales volume of 19800 pieces.

The peak number of people online at the same time was 9631, which appeared at 9:05:10, and the cumulative number of buyers was 890.

Judging from today's ranking, number of viewers and Gmv, Oriental selection exceeds making friends.

Some netizens left a message in the video review area selected by Dongfang, saying that they witnessed the number of people in this live studio from hundreds to tens of thousands; Some netizens said that they began to pay attention to it in September last year. The eight months of live broadcasting not only witnessed its growth, but also reflected its own work history. (the first live broadcast of Dongfang selection was on December 29, 2021. This netizen may have started to pay attention to "double reduction")

As of press time, Dongfang has selected 80000 people online and made more than 3600 friends.

However, today's data alone does not seem to tell much

Fan growth: Oriental selection nearly doubled, making friends tends to be flat

From the account performance, the number of fans selected by Dongfang has doubled in recent days. Up to now, Dongfang has selected 1551000 fans.

The number of fans who make a friend live tends to be flat. Up to now, there are 19.558 million fans in the live room of making friends.

Cumulative delivery: make a friend, lead the East, and fail to be selected

Judging from the delivery of goods in the past 7 days, the live studio for making friends is in the third place. There were 16 times of freight yards, 837 times of goods, and the sales volume was 70.4507 million yuan.

However, Oriental selection failed to rank in the top 20.

Judging from the delivery of goods in the past 30 days, the live studio for making friends ranks first. It has brought 65 freight yards, 3108 goods and 335million yuan of sales.

Oriental selection still failed to rank in the top 20.

On the whole, the Oriental selection has exploded in recent days, and the comprehensive data is still relatively backward. The overall data of making a friend is far ahead, but today's performance is mediocre.

Make a friend ≠ LuoYongHao

Make a friend the popularity of the live broadcasting room has declined or is related to the fading out of Luo Yonghao.

As Luo Yonghao's debt is gradually cleared, new faces frequently appear in his live studio, while Luo Yonghao's figure is less and less. According to the statistics of "make a friend" live broadcasting room, Luo Yonghao's live broadcasting duration accounted for about 3% in 2021. However, during the "double 11" and "double 12" last year, Luo Yonghao's live studio has been stable at the top of the list of Tiktok anchor with goods, with an average daily sales of more than 10 million.

On June 2, Luo Yonghao's Tiktok live studio was officially renamed "make a friend". And LuoYongHao has not opened a new account yet.

Make a friend, and the live studio releases a video saying:

In order to develop the company more formally, from June 2, "LuoYongHao" account was officially upgraded to "make a friend live room", which continues to be operated by Beijing make a friend Digital Technology Co., Ltd. In the future, the anchor team, including Mr. Luo, will continue to bring you more good goods and provide you with the same conscience service as before.

On June 7, it was reported again that Luo Yonghao announced in his internal speech that he would withdraw from the management of "making friends", but would still participate in the live broadcast as an anchor. He also said that he would devote more energy to entrepreneurship in the AR field.

To sum up, although LuoYongHao began to reduce the duration of live broadcast in 2021, the account name was still "LuoYongHao" at that time. The renamed "make a friend live room" was also mentioned in the video released on June 2. Many netizens frequently asked, "isn't this Luo Yonghao live room? Why isn't Luo Yonghao there?"

It can be seen that those fans who make friends are likely to come to LuoYongHao.

With the rebranding of Luo Yonghao's live studio to "make a friend", it is unknown whether its cargo carrying capacity will be as strong as usual.

Oriental selection and other miracles

In fact, the bilingual live broadcast of Oriental selection has always been available. Its popularity is due to a video cut by the male anchor, who "bumped into the face of the Terra Cotta Warriors". When introducing steak, he not only taught steak related English, but also compared his face to the pot. Under the encouragement of netizens, he showed the whole process of English delivery in oneortwo minutes, which was amazing.

Netizens call directly: This is the ceiling of live broadcast with goods, and the order is to "pay for knowledge".

Why did you suddenly make a circle? Maybe we are really tired of watching live broadcast with goods. We are tired of chattering and selling, and we are fed up with the script routines for our families.

Many people may have seen the anchor's bilingual video from the circle of friends and short video platforms, from which they can see the anchor's sincerity, self reproach, or an inspirational speech:

"When you recite words, Alaska's cod are jumping out of the water; when you learn math, the seagulls in the South Pacific are skimming the coast... But young, your dreams need to be realized by yourself. The world needs you to see it in person. The future can be expected and do your best. When you make solid efforts for the future, those people you feel you can't see and the scenery you can't meet will eventually appear in your life."

I don't know whether Dongfang selection has found some external numbers to actively spread on various social platforms, but today's achievements are really "boiled" and "waiting" for them.

YuMinHong can't always appear. The personal design of its anchor should be set up slowly. It takes time for a certain moment to be out of the circle.

The anchor also revealed his heart recently, saying that at the early stage of New Oriental's transformation, he once wanted to give up and even wanted to leave. In the incomparable self denial, depression, pain and hesitation, I lost sleep all night because I couldn't see my own value.

At that time, we had talked with the human resources department and were ready to sign off. But when I left, I was very reluctant, so I went to see Mr. Sun and wanted to say a decent goodbye to him. Mr. Sun said to him, "when you don't know what the use is, all you have to do is believe in each other, rely on each other and keep each other warm. We will always find a way out."

What does this mean? If you break yourself and make efforts, you will find miracles.

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