[figure] Daren Transformed Nokia 1680 Into A Portable Linux Computer

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Nokia 1680 is a feature phone released in 2008. This mobile phone is designed for making calls, sending text messages, etc. it has a small screen, a numeric keyboard and supports 2G network. But reimu notmoe's hardware expert has modified it , replacing customized printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other components, turning this classic feature phone into a portable computer / communication device running Linux, known as "notkia"**

This transformation is not just about software installation. It can be said that most of the internal hardware has been replaced except for retaining the shell, numeric keypad and other buttons. The original PCB has been replaced by the new PCB, which is equipped with 1 GHz ingenic x1000e single core MIPS processor, 64MB ram, 32MB nor flash memory and 4GB SLC NAND flash memory.

The original 128 x 160 pixel TFT screen has been replaced by a 2-inch, 240 x 320 pixel IPS LCD display, although it is actually a little too large for the device, so several pixels have been cut off by the plastic frame. Therefore, the effective / visible screen resolution is 220 x 280 pixels.

Notkia also includes

● USB type-C port

● ov5640 camera module with auto focus and 5million pixels

● Yamaha ma-3 music synthesizer (with ringtone support)

● analog MEMS microphone

● ampak wireless network card with WiFi 4 and BT 4.0 le

● Semtech sx126x Lora transceiver

● bl-5c battery

Everything applies to mainstream linux software, including text input using the phone's original T9 numeric keypad. And thanks to the upgraded wireless components, notkia can be used as a wireless communication device or interphone. But what is the one thing it can't do? Make calls or use data over the cellular network.

There is a GNSS module for satellite positioning, but it has not been tested. Since there is no headset jack, you need a wireless headset or a USB type-C to 3.5mm audio adapter to use the headset with Nokia.

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