Smart Spirit Babos Version Debut: Power Surge

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The new Mercedes Benz smart genie #1 was officially launched in China, with a total of PRO + and premium models, with pre-sale prices of 190000 yuan and 230000 yuan 190000 people buy a Mercedes Benz electric vehicle, which also makes smart elves #1 in China "hit the gun" Now, the high-performance version of Mercedes Benz smart spirit #1's babos version has officially arrived, with stronger performance and more sporty and fighting appearance design.

According to the declaration information of the Ministry of industry and information technology, smart smart #1 babos kit adopts red and black car paint. The front surround, roof, reflector, rear spoiler, rear tail wing and through tail lamp are all designed with red decorative elements. The design style of the vehicle is different and sporty.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the performance style of the vehicle, the front cabin cover is also equipped with two "openings", which is also rare for electric vehicles**

In terms of the tail, there is no great design difference between the two versions, mainly because the babos kit version has a blackened logo and a more sporty lower diffuser design. However, the tail label is the Chinese word "heroic spirit". It is expected that after the car is officially listed, the deduction of the label will be the first task of many car owners.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4270 / 1822 / 1636mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm. Babos kit only differs in body length, 4300mm.

In terms of power, the babos version has a dual motor configuration, with the front 115KW and the rear 200kW, while the ordinary version has a single motor configuration of the rear 200kW With reference to the ordinary single motor version, its zero hundred acceleration is 6.7 seconds. It is expected that the babos version can run into a 4-second level, proper electric small steel gun

In terms of price, it is expected that the babos version will be used as the top model of smart spirit #1, and the price will be above 230000 yuan.

Ordinary model

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