SpaceX Rocket Launch Project Passes FAA Environmental Assessment

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On June 14, Beijing time, faa conducted a final environmental assessment on SpaceX's starship spacecraft and super heavy rocket project in Boca Chica, Texas. The assessment was completed on Monday and the project was approved


FAA believes that the project has no obvious environmental impact, but it imposes more restrictions on the launch and requires SpaceX to take measures to further reduce environmental risks. The FAA's assessment cleared the way for the advancement of the project.

SpaceX immediately sent a message saying, "we are one step closer to starship's first orbital flight test." However, the FAA stressed that the completion of the environmental assessment does not mean that the enterprise will definitely obtain the rocket operation license, which needs to meet the safety, risk and financial requirements.

When launching rockets, SpaceX will have higher requirements for issuing advance notice. The goal of this is to reduce the impact of highway closure. In addition, the launch is prohibited in 18 certain holidays. If the launch is on a weekend, it can not exceed 5 weekends a year at most. During the launch, the vegetation and wild animals shall be monitored, and the surrounding communities shall be informed in advance about the potential engine noise and sonic boom problems. SpaceX shall also adjust the launch lighting system to minimize the impact on wild animals. (Xinghai)

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