"Super Moon" Appeared In The Night Sky On The 14th, Which Is The "second Largest Full Moon" Of This Year

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According to astronomy experts, a "super moon" will appear in the night sky on June 14 (May 16 of the lunar calendar), which is also the "second full moon" of this year. At that time, as long as the weather is fine, the public all over China can enjoy a round of pearly big moon, such as a beautiful white jade plate hanging high in the sky.

When the moon and the sun are on both sides of the earth and the Yellow meridians of the moon and the sun differ by 180 degrees, the moon seen on the earth is the roundest, which is called the "full moon", also known as "Wang". On the 14th, 15th, 16th and even 17th of the lunar month, the full moon may occur.

Xiulipeng, member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and director of the Tianjin astronomical society, introduced that the elliptical orbit of the moon around the earth is a little "flat" than the elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun. In addition, the moon is relatively close to the earth, so the moon looks a little larger near perigee than near apogee.

In a Gregorian calendar year, there are usually 12 or 13 full moons. If the full moon happens to be near the perigee, the moon will look big and round. It is called "super moon" or "super full moon". "Super moon" is not uncommon. It happens once or twice a year, or more than threeorfour times a year. The annual "maximum full moon" occurs when the full moon occurs closest to the time when the moon is at perigee.

The full moon appeared on June 14 at 19:52, and the moon passed perigee at 7:23 on June 15. The difference between the time of the full moon and the time of passing perigee was less than 12 hours. Therefore, the apparent diameter of the full moon was very large, almost the same as that of the "maximum full moon" of the year. The "maximum full moon" of this year occurs on July 14 (June 16 of the lunar calendar).

"At night on the 14th, the interested public in all parts of China can pay attention to the big moon in the night sky and enjoy it with naked eyes without the help of any equipment." Xiulipeng said, "the 'minimum full moon' of this year took place on January 18 this year. If a person with a heart took this full moon at that time, he can use the same equipment and focal length parameters to take another shot when the moon is at the same horizontal coordinate position. Compare the two phases to see how 'big' the 'second largest full moon' of this year is."

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