The Bilingual Live Selling Of New Oriental Awakened My Dead Desire To Learn

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When it comes to live broadcasting with goods, the melody in my mind is generally "I say a number, 3 yuan 721!". Then, with the anchor convulsing, everyone quickly placed an order. However, a group of anchors from New Oriental have found a new "traffic code". This new Oriental is the New Oriental who taught English before. Now they sell goods in bilingual during the live broadcast.

In particular, this "steak brother" teacher dongyuhui can learn a lot of words when he buys a piece of beef with this teacher.

For example, when introducing products, the teacher will translate some sales copy into English, and the key words will also be recorded on the whiteboard.

When it comes to buying 12 pieces of steak in English, he writes down 12 pieces of steak on the whiteboard as if he were explaining the usage of English phrases.

24 bags of seasonings, 24 packages of seasonings, the key words in one sentence are not forgotten to tell you to write them down. What you buy doesn't seem important. It's important not to forget the words.

While introducing the features of the product, it is a good opportunity to teach English. When it comes to the taste of steak, the key word is juicy. The feeling of teeth is tender.

In this live studio, I went straight back to my schooldays. The store turned into a classroom. It was hard to tell whether they were paying for knowledge or were successfully brought under Amway live broadcasting. Many people called on teachers to die in the live broadcasting room.

In a word, New Oriental entered the live broadcast and brought goods at the end of last year. At that time, most people thought it was one of the torrents of transformation.

However, no one expected that the live broadcast could be played so hard in addition to all kinds of exaggerated performances. When selling goods, they directly "started classes".

What's more, although many netizens usually don't like classes, they really like this mode when watching the live broadcast.

Although today is Monday, the live broadcasting room once reached 40000 viewers to watch online. It is reported that they rose more than 1.5 million in three days, and now they are hot.

The main reason naturally comes from the wonderful performance of the teachers during the live broadcast, which brings different viewing experiences to the netizens. They often use golden sentences frequently, have a good sense of humor, and understand the charm of knowledge.

Even if I didn't want to buy anything, I would stop sliding my finger along with the teacher's explanation and watch the live broadcast for a while.

Among them, teacher dongyuhui's mouth is not only sharp, but also handy in making various stems. He turned the ridicule of netizens into his own joke, saying that he was "the same face as the Terra Cotta Warriors, and would lament the unfairness of fate", but he could seamlessly switch to commodities in an instant, "but you will find that the same face was the same as the pot bought for steak":

He said that he looked "amazing, and will never do it again", and then continued to sell rice.

Of course, the most powerful thing about him is that he can switch sales to lecture mode at any time.

You're the apple of my eye when selling fruit. Here Apple actually refers to the pupil. The whole sentence means "you are the Pearl of my eye".

When someone mentioned gone with the wind, he turned around and introduced the English name of the book, gone with the wind.

When selling encyclopedias, he introduced that this book would enrich everyone's knowledge, so he kept the word "enrich" in mind.

After an English prologue, the thing to sell is actually prawns. Fresh, cheap, high protein, and shrimp Related words, soon filled the small whiteboard. I may not fully believe the goods for a while, but I have received the knowledge signal.

The most interesting thing is that he often forgot to sell goods while chatting, and then continued to play with the goods after repeatedly saying sorry to the director.

At the same time, there are many such English teachers in the live studio.

The teacher is explaining the word "convenient" because she is selling convenient corn.

When I opened the video, I found that the teacher was teaching the words of solid, liquid and gas, as if he were teaching chemistry, but when I looked carefully, it turned out that he was selling laundry detergent.

When it comes to the function of laundry detergent, it can remove dust, odor, and good smell of lavender. Lavender is lavender. Good guy, I wrote down another string.

Prawn is for sale, but the words shrimp, lobster and crawfish are also remembered by the way.

After watching it for a while, I found that the teachers have changed, but not completely. The live broadcast can no longer suppress the teachers' desire to lecture.

Generally speaking, learning knowledge is painful, but the anxiety of contemporary life forces us to become the king of the book and we have to learn. But the shopping is very happy, which neutralizes. I can only say that in the past, classes were like going to the grave. Now I feel much better about going to the grave. And now the popularity of these English teachers, it is a sweet and bitter.

Dongyuhui, the teacher of the "Terra Cotta Warriors", almost left his job to do something else before switching to live broadcasting. Even after the live broadcast, there were only a few dozen people in his live studio at first. After persistence, they achieved their current achievements.

As he said, "luck may or may not come, but it doesn't affect the heart you were supposed to stick to.".

For this kind of live broadcast, many netizens think that if you insist on not placing an order, it is equivalent to having an English class for free. After watching, I felt that it was suggested to intensify efforts and expect the anchor to roll up his knowledge.

(the pictures in the text are from the Internet and are only for learning and communication)

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