The Change Of Commodities To 10% Discount Resulted In A Loss Of More Than 6million Yuan: Two Employees Quit To Retaliate Against The Company And Were Arrested

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Recently, an e-commerce company found that its store account operated on Amazon was stolen. Not only some products were taken off the shelves, but also some goods were dumped at a discount. According to the description of Ms. Wu, the person in charge of the company, stores' goods on Amazon were removed from the shelves, and some $90 goods were successively sold at a low price of $9.9, resulting in a loss of more than 6million yuan**


After calling the police, the local police quickly locked two suspect.

Both of them are former employees of the company. Relying on the original data in their hands, has tampered with the password of the company's online store and the bank card for payment, so as to meet their own retaliation and seek benefits**

At present, two suspects have been arrested, and are under criminal detention on suspicion of illegally obtaining computer information system data**

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