The First Branch Of Jitu Express Was Exposed To Be In Arrears Of More Than 300000 Employees' Wages. The Official Response Will Be Resolved As Soon As Possible

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On the evening of June 12, "extreme rabbit express was exposed to be in arrears with the courier's salary" rushed to the microblog for hot search. On June 13, the relevant person in charge of Jitu express responded that the agency area of Jitu has been involved and will properly solve the arrears of wages and the backlog of express mail as soon as possible. According to previous media reports, the couriers at Wujin HUTANG Town Branch of Changzhou Jitu express in Jiangsu reported that they were owed more than 300000 wages, and a dozen couriers slept on the ground. There are couriers holding their 11 month old children to ask for wages until midnight, unable to contact the site owner.

According to the report, the express business in this area is stagnant, and a large number of express deliveries are overstocked in express delivery points, so the delivered goods cannot be delivered. At present, the owner's phone of the site has been unanswered.

Due to the salary arrears, the express delivery was not delivered. Jitu express wanted to take away the goods squeezed by the outlets. The courier said, "we won't let him pull now. Our couriers now eat and live on the ground, waiting for them to give us money." At the same time, many customers come to express, including milk powder, fresh food, etc., of which the fresh food has smelled.

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According to public data, Jitu express was born in Indonesia in August, 2015. It was founded by Li Jie, an executive of oppo Indonesia business. Within four years, it developed into a leading express company in Southeast Asia. In 2020, pinduoduo began to enter the Chinese market. In China, pinduoduo is one of the main customers of Jitu express. According to the official website of Jitu, the express network of Jitu Express has covered 11 countries including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Mexico, covering more than 2billion people worldwide.

The rapid development of Jitu express is also favored by capital. In 2021 alone, Jitu express completed three rounds of financing: in April 2021, Jitu express obtained a financing of US $1.8 billion, led by Boyu capital and followed by Sequoia Capital and Hillhouse; In August, 2021, a planned financing amount of USD 250million will be completed; In November, 2021, Jitu express completed another round of C1 financing of USD 1.735 billion. After three rounds of financing, the valuation of Jitu is close to 20billion US dollars, about 126billion yuan, becoming the second logistics company with a valuation of more than 100 billion yuan outside the rookie network.

At the end of October 2021, it announced the acquisition of China's Baishi express business, with a traffic volume exceeding 25million orders per day. According to the calculation of Huachuang securities, after the integration of Jitu express and Baishi express, the average daily order volume will reach 40million to 50million, taking 15.4% of the market share in China's express market.

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