The Latest "ghost Killing Blade" Wandai Electronic Pet Machine Opens 18 Characters To Cultivate A Variety Of Mini Games

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Wandai classic toy electronic pet machine will launch a new product. The new electronic pet machine linked with the popular animation "ghost killing blade tour outline" has been made public recently. It is scheduled to be officially launched on June 18. It has three kinds of appearances, which can cultivate 18 characters and a variety of mini games. Please look forward to it.


• electronic pet machine (tamagoko) is a classic nurturing handheld toy launched by Wandai for decades, and it is still emerging. This time, in the outline of ghost killing blade tour, Wandai electronic pet machine will launch three appearance shapes, namely, the God of fire, the breath of water and the blood explosion of beans. In terms of content, it includes a total of 18 characters, including 9 pillars. A variety of miniatures are used to train and cultivate the growth of characters.

• the price of the linked electronic pet machine of "ghost killing blade tour profile" is 2530 yen. Interested players can pay attention to: [official page.] ( )

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