The Latest Progress In Apple's Car Building: The Management Has Been Reorganized To Catch Up With The Progress And Strive To Release In 2025

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Apple released a new version of its Carplay car system this week. The well-known reporter markgurman said in his latest issue of power on on on Sunday that although some people have left the automobile project recently, he believes that apple is still promoting automobile development**

According to gulman's latest news, Apple Supply chain agreements are being negotiated for auto parts and integrated manufacturing. In addition, Kevin Lynch, the new head of the apple auto project, has brought several deputies from the apple watch team to assist in the development of cars** Lynch also recently restructured the automobile management team. According to people familiar with the matter, apple is now meeting a deadline that may have been missed under the leadership of its former head.

Gulman said that Apple has some of the best design talents in the automotive industry studying the appearance of actual cars, including Duncan Taylor, former Aston Martin Interior manager, Pete Jolley, former Aston Martin chief concept engineer, Steve macmanu, former Tesla vice president of exterior and interior decoration, and Manfred Harrer, a former Porsche executive.

Although people familiar with the matter doubt whether Apple can launch a fully autonomous vehicle around 2025 , the company still plans to release a car as early as 2025 Even if there is no automatic driving function, a well-designed iphone Apple cars with all the fancy features may soon become a strong challenger to Tesla

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