The Report Says Apple Still Plans To Update The IPad Pro In The Fall Of 2022

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A report said that despite the rumors about the 14.1-inch version in 2023, apple still planned to update its iPad Pro lineup in the autumn and insisted that the new model was on the way. On June 9, it was rumored that Apple was trying to create a new and larger iPad Pro model, combining the 14.1-inch Mini LED display with the M2 chip.


Although the ipad Pro is said to be ready for release in early 2023, but it is believed that the current size selection will still be updated in 2022.

In Bloomberg's "power on" newsletter, mark gulman wrote that despite the prospect of a 14.1-inch model, there was no plan to stop producing its 11 inch iPad pro or 12.9-inch iPad Pro model.

Gulman believes that the new iPad Pro model will be released in September or October, and it will be released in the fall Apple There is a high probability that it will be launched in the event window of the press conference.

What can we expect from the new iPad pro? The update should include M2 chip upgrade, MagSafe wireless charging and camera system upgrade. This forecast reaffirms his previous claim made in early 2022.

Other updates may include the introduction of a glass back in the design and a mini LED backlight for the 11 inch iPad Pro model.

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