The Owner Has Applied For Tesla FSD Test, And There Is No Safety Score Limit, That Is, Click To Use

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Musk judged that the time was ripe: the large-scale test of FSD (full self drive), which was planned to be launched three years ago, finally came. Some users in foreign countries have disclosed that there is no security scoring limit for applying for FSD test, that is, click to use.

What do you mean by that? Musk is confident that FSD is now good enough to tell all skilled or unskilled, cautious or reckless drivers.

FSD "should be tested as much as possible". Where does the confidence come from and what is the impact?

FSD does not set a threshold. Why now?

Tesla hasn't publicly announced it yet, but some users found this huge change last week:

According to the owner's description, he has just bought the car for two weeks, and there is no Tesla safety score at all. However, after clicking on the FSD beta test application, the system directly starts downloading.

This can at least show that the large-scale test of FSD has quietly started its early stage. It is likely that Musk's Twitter will be missing from the official announcement.

Musk's confidence, why is it mature now? This is because FSD is about to update version 10.12, and its capability has made great progress.

Currently, 10.12 is only pushed by Tesla employees, but more detailed logs have been disclosed. First of all, the most obvious is in HMI visualization: the visual effect is clearer, and the driving signal feature recognition of other vehicles is richer.

In the previous test version, FSD can only achieve a simple model display for the identification of other vehicles:

However, this time, when identifying other vehicles, FSD beta 10.12 is more detailed and realistic than the previous simple model, including dual brake lights and turn signal lights.

In addition, in previous versions, FSD betas can detect and bypass vehicles with open doors, but this time the function of orange marking of open doors is added to the visualization.

At the underlying algorithm level, FSD version 10.12 has made these updates:

The decision-making framework of unprotected left turn is upgraded, and more scene features are added to enhance the robustness.

Use more accurate Lane geometry and higher resolution occlusion detection to improve recognition rate.

Optimize the target behavior prediction and the experience of changing lanes and turning.

It reduces the decision-making dependence of the system on the lane line.

Improve the structure of lane recognition neural network to improve the turning safety of intersections.

The system has received 180000 Lane related training cases to improve the success rate and accuracy of lane keeping.

Improve yellow light identification to reduce false triggering of braking.

30000 new video cases were added to retrain the recognition of generalized static obstacles and improve the recognition accuracy and understanding of targets. 41000 new video cases are added for the recognition training of stationary vehicles.

The recognition and movement direction judgment of motorcycles, pedestrians and cyclists are added.

Improve the ride comfort when avoiding the sudden braking of the car in front.

Acceleration prediction for all moving objects is added. Previously, it can only cover longitudinally moving objects.

Several important updates are to improve the recognition rate of lanes and objects and the stability of the whole system.

Someone has uploaded the measured video of FSD 10.12 on the Internet, and the 8-minute test has been completed:

Among them, turning left without protection, avoiding lane change when there are vehicles in front and behind, and driving on roads without lane lines are all highly difficult actions, which are closely related to this update.

FSD should be tested as much as possible. What does it mean?

Musk originally planned to expand the testing scope of version 10.12, but according to the current situation reported by users, he may plan to skip this stage and fully roll out in one step.

Therefore, Tesla has used the owner safety scoring system for more than a year and may retire in advance.

The so-called "owner safety score" is Tesla's assessment system for each user who applies for FSD test to judge whether he is a "responsible" owner and whether he can test the early version of FSD.

The dimensions include five aspects: collision warning ahead every 1000 miles, emergency braking, sharp turning, unsafe following, and forced release of autopilot.

It can be seen from these standards that Tesla first emphasizes the degree of caution of the owner himself. Old drivers who drive too aggressively and aggressively can hardly pass the pass line of 98 points.

However, it is not enough to be cautious. If you don't trust the system enough in the process of using Tesla autopilot before, and take over too many, points will also be deducted.

Therefore, it is not easy to become the "top student" in Musk's eyes. Previously, there were only about 60000 people in the world.

It can also be seen from Tesla's move to set the owner's safety score that the essence of the relationship between users and FSD before is still "people give the system the bottom story".

So before version 10.12, Tesla actually believed that FSD was not foolproof.

However, if version 10.12 is rolled out in an all-round way, the nature of FSD will change. It has become a "system that gives people the bottom of the story" and truly has practical value.

This is good news for all owners at home and abroad who spent 64000 real gold and silver to buy FSD "futures". This is also good news for Tesla.

According to the calculation of @wholemarsblog, a well-known Tesla intelligence blogger, the previous 60000 FSD beta users can travel 1.4 billion miles (about 2.2 billion kilometers) annually.

With all Tesla vehicles that have purchased FSD, this figure can reach 32billion miles (about 51.5 billion kilometers) per year, an increase of about 25 times.

In this way, Tesla will accelerate faster on automatic driving, and it will be more difficult for latecomers to catch up.

Because the road test data of 50billion kilometers a year is an astronomical figure unheard of by any main engine factory or automatic driving company.

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