The Mobile Phone Processor Of Powerpress Gaotong Lianfa Branch Has Been Sold To The First Place In The World

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In the first half of the year, mobile phone sales were weak at home and abroad. For this reason, many complete machine brands, including component manufacturers, even cut orders in the second half of the year. In some chaotic situations, MediaTek quietly became a winner Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, the shipment share of MediaTek mobile phone processors reached 38%, 8 percentage points higher than that of Qualcomm. The report pointed out that the achievement of MediaTek benefited from the entry-level chips such as Tianji 700 and Tianji 900


Of course, this is only the first quarter. From the perspective of public praise, Tianji 8000/8100/9000 is expected to further stabilize the leading position of MediaTek in the market this year.

In terms of shipment volume, Apple Ranked third with 15%, followed by 5% from Samsung and 1% from Huawei Hisilicon.

It should be noted that because Qualcomm's average chip price is higher, and there are more Xiaolong 7 and Xiaolong 8 series models, when converted into revenue, Qualcomm's share of anti surpassing MediaTek reaches as much as 44%, MediaTek ranks third with 19%, and apple ranks second.

For MediaTek, the high-end road is still arduous.

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